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No new episodes are being broadcast by Black Ink, but there is a drama going on around Ceaser Emanuel, his daughter Cheyenne and his current girlfriend Suzette.

The New York tattoo artist, his child and her girlfriend, Crystal Torres, are already recognizable to viewers of the reality show, and know they’ve had their ups and downs.

But a feud just boiled over on social media, causing individuals to call Ceaser names and eventually getting him to speak out.

The teenage daughter of Ceaser accuses him of rape,

Late in the evening of Jan. 2, a series of Instagram posts by Cheyenne, Suzette and Crystal were released on several blogs.

“Cheyenne, the 16-year-old daughter of Ceaser, accused him of dragging her out of the shower when she was naked and punching and stomping her “like a dog in the street.” Three months ago, she said the incident occurred and she is still upset by it.

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Cheyenne also jumped to vent about her dad and Suzette on Instagram Live, saying he drunkenly broke down several doors to the bathroom to get to her and threw a speaker at her head.

Police were called, according to her.

Meanwhile, Ceaser’s friend Suzette, via her Instagram Stories, aimed a series of posts at Cheyenne, complaining that the young girl wanted $600 wigs but wouldn’t wash them off.

One of the messages aimed at Cheyenne read, “You were 60 pounds overweight when we got you. We had you on meal plans at the gym. You told me you wished I was your mom.” She went on about the “terrible grades” of Cheyenne and suggested that she was spoiled.

She asked, “Who raised you?” and a tirade went on, accusing Cheyenne’s mother of looking for a Black Ink storyline.

A remark was also thrown out by Suzette in which she called Cheyenne a “slut” and suggested that the teen had an STD once.

This is one of several comments that sent social media users into a panic – obtained from The Shade Room.

Fans label Ceaser by the name of his mother, Suzette.

Ceaser was instantly criticized by some angry Instagram users for allowing his girlfriend to talk in this way to his boy.

They even confronted Suzette, telling her she was jumping the line and she was way out of the line.

Most agreed with Ne-mom, Yo’s Crystal Smith, when she said, “No, no, no, it’s all wrong.”

And that’s how he lets her speak to his daughter? No, no ma’am.’

“Others chimed in with comments such as, “Nope she’s breaching the internet by bashing a kid,” “His girlfriend is childish and inappropriate. She was incorrect and she needs to be checked by CEASE,” “This is sad. With his DAUGHTER and Referencing her weight, his girlfriend is very immature arguing.

He is poor to agree to this. Plan and simple” and “It must hurt to see your father put the feelings of someone else above those of his child.

Ceaser responds to fire from social media

“Family night,”Family night.

Via The Shade Room, Ceaser released a statement about the drama, attributing it to Cheyenne having a difficult time adapting to her mixed family.

“My daughter Cheyenne and I don’t get along very well. However, I would never physically abuse her. I just did what many parents would do when their child crossed the line and that is discipline my child,” he wrote.

“I love my daughter and she is the sole heir to my black ink tattoo studio. She is just having a hard time adjusting to no longer being the only child and having to share her father. I’m doing my best to make everyone feel comfortable in our new blended family,” Ceaser concluded.

This is not the first time that Ceaser, Suzette and the mother of his boy, Crystal, have been controversial on the internet, as they had a questionable exchange on the internet as recently as October. People hope that, without spreading it on social media, the family can explain matters.


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