Bill Turnbull, the BBC’s top political commentator, has enraged fans by criticizing those who don’t wear masks on trains.


Bill Turnbull, the BBC’s top political commentator, has enraged fans by criticizing those who don’t wear masks on trains.

BILL TURNBULL urged passengers to keep their masks on, emphasizing the necessity of protecting others from Covid-19.

Bill Turnbull, 65, ruffled feathers with his recent tweet, in which he slammed passengers who don’t hide their faces on trains. While masks are no longer required by law, the government has recommended individuals to continue wearing them in enclosed spaces such as public transportation.

“If you’re traveling by train and wearing a mask, thank you,” he said to his 102,000 Twitter followers.

“Masks are still crucial because many of us may not have significant covid protection even after vaccination.

“And if you aren’t, well, then.”

“The vaccine greatly minimizes transmission,” one person said. A LOT more than a swatch of fabric.

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“There are tens of millions of people who have been completely vaccinated.

“Perhaps those who aren’t wearing the mask realize they can protect you even if they aren’t wearing one? Don’t label everyone as egotistical.”

“I don’t think I did,” said the Classic FM host in response.

He replied, “Thank you,” to a train rider who emailed him a photo of themselves wearing a mask.

“I must say, I feel frightened with so many people choosing not to wear masks,” said another.

“I truly don’t want to wear one,” wrote a fourth.

“However, I’m delighted I read this because I admire you and you’ve made me reconsider.”

“Do you actually think masks work?” a fifth added. How many people have died as a result of COVID? Even if I don’t like it, I wear mine.” (sic)

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On Monday, the obligation to wear a facial covering in indoor situations was repealed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged citizens to apply “personal judgment” and common sense when assessing hazards in order to safeguard themselves and others.

Self-isolation is still required if you have tested positive for coronavirus or have come into touch with someone who has.

Last year, the host recommended people to obtain cancer screenings as soon as possible during the pandemic.

Cancer “sadly did not disappear” during the outbreak, according to the ex-BBC Breakfast host, who advised individuals who were concerned to seek help.

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