‘Big Brother’: Holly Allen casts shadow on the alleged relationship of ex-Jackson Michie with Morgan Simianerer


Holly Allen and Jackson Michie, after having a show romance during Big Brother 21, continued their relationship after the season and moved in together. Nevertheless, after almost a year of contact, they parted ways. Michie began hanging out with Cheer Star Morgan Simianer in December 2020, which sparked speculation that the two were in a relationship.

Allen spoke out about the reports of the relationship and BB21 co-star and former girlfriend Kat Dunn spoke out as well.

A split between Holly Allen and Jackson Michie last year

A few months later, winner Jackson Michie and runner-up Holly Allen moved into a Los Angeles apartment together after their participation in the Big Brother 21 final and rescued a puppy during the COVID 19 pandemic.

However, after dating for about a year, they split up in June 2020.

A month after the breakup, on “The Publyssity Podcast” Allen appeared and explained that before she was ready, he decided to announce their breakup, which made it even harder for her.

RT if Team #BBHolly is you. #BB21 #BB21Finale pic.twitter.com/sssYXgLgc3- Big Brother (@CBSBigBrother) September 26, 2019 ‘Big Brother’: In an emotional video, Jackson Michie publicly apologizes to former Holly Allen for upsetting her

Furthermore, since Michie had his friends over, the BB21 runner-up noted that she was “couch surfing” at the time and could not get her stuff out of the apartment.

A few months later, for the first time in an emotional Instagram story on Nov. 5, Michie talked about the breakup. He agreed that his “poor communication” played a part in the breakup and apologised publicly for hurting her.

Allen on the supposed relationship between Michie and Simianer

Michie announced in December 2020 that Netflix star Morgan Simianer came to visit him in LA, uploading several images and videos to his social media with her.

Before they both moved to Las Vegas to spend the New Year together, he even hung out with her in her home town of Dallas. While their relationship status has yet to be formally revealed, many fans believe the two are romantically involved.

Holly on Jackson…https://t.co/Ja0i8v6Hnv via @reddit pic.twitter.com/71N5Nn3c5N- | SMEG | (@girl smeg) January 2, 2021 Is Jackson Michie, winner of ‘Big Brother’ and Morgan Simianer, star of ‘Cheer’, a couple?

Although the two parts of their day were documented on social media, Allen answered questions on her Instagram story from her fans. A user asked what she thought of the latest alleged relationship with her ex, and the BB21 star said that if anyone told her to “stay away” from Michie, she would not have listened.

As a result, she doesn’t know what to say, just as she did with “many, many other girls.” she will keep Simian in her prayers.

Dunn reminds Allen that this is what she “warned” her about.

A viewer took a screenshot of the response from Allen and posted it to Reddit, where her response was commented on by many fans. Kat Dunn, a BB21 contestant who met Allen before the competition and had an early season show friendship with Michie, also spoke up, telling her friend that when Dunn warned her about him, she didn’t listen to her.

After Sam Smith was kicked out, she included a minute-long clip of a conversation she had with Allen at the BB house.

Dunn told Allen that the other housemates claimed he was “aggressive,” but she was corrected by the eventual runner-up, saying he was “hotheaded.”

Kat attempts to warn Holly about Jackson and Holly gets mad at Kat for it. #BB21 #BBLF pic.twitter.com/k8ljD1D1lh- Duke the Duck (@DukeTheBBDuck) August 2, 2019 ‘Big Brother’: Kat Dunn reveals why she and Holly Allen are no longer friends.

When Dunn tried to say that producers were calling him out for his treatment of the other women in the Diary Room, Allen got mad, causing the feeds to cut off quickly.

Dunn, who is no longer friends with Allen, also said that the split had nothing to do with her.

In the summer of 2021, Big Brother 23 returns.


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