Beverley Turner, James Cracknell’s ex, speaks out about their breakup, saying, “I’m tired of that life.”


Beverley Turner, James Cracknell’s ex, speaks out about their breakup, saying, “I’m tired of that life.”

Beverley Turner, James Cracknell’s ex-wife, has spoken up about the reasons for the couple’s divorce, admitting that she had “a nagging worry” prior to their split in 2019.

James Cracknell, 49, of SAS: Who Dares Wins fame, and his ex-wife Beverley Turner, 47, shocked fans when they announced their breakup in 2019 after 17 years together. In March of that year, the couple, who had three children together, confirmed their divorce.

After a “nagging suspicion” began to enter her thoughts while on vacation in Barbados “some years ago,” Beverley has now opened up about the reasons for their marriage’s demise.

Due to his drive to continuously challenging himself, the TV host claimed she was finding it difficult to be married to rowing champion and Olympic gold medalist James.

“On the surface, sitting on that beach in Barbados, my life appeared to be just about perfect — yet I had a nagging doubt that I didn’t have what it took to be married to someone who, for better or worse, was always ultra-focused on their next challenge, whether it was running a marathon or pursuing political ambitions,” she admitted in a recent column.

“Like many other wives of successful men (and no one can deny that my then-husband, James Cracknell, the champion rower and double gold Olympic medalist, is a successful man), I was tired of that existence and overwhelmed by never having any brain space to figure out what I wanted to do outside mothering.

“Despite James’s best efforts, I was a snappy, unhappy mother, a grouchy wife, and an unsatisfactory friend.”

After James sustained a brain injury in 2010, Beverley explained how the couple’s marriage evolved.

While filming a TV documentary in which he cycled across America, James was engaged in a horrible accident.

After being hit by a fuel truck traveling at 70 mph, the athlete developed epilepsy and a new personality, including a short temper.

Beverley raced to his side at the time and helped him recover from his injuries.

Beverley, on the other hand, was “marrying a little grief every day” since James had altered after the accident.

“Several years, a severe accident (which.”Brinkwire Summary News,” she said in her column for the Daily Mail in February of this year.


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