‘Best of all time!’ Fans of Mrs Hinch reveal a 60p technique for removing stains from a leather sofa.


‘Best of all time!’ Fans of Mrs Hinch reveal a 60p technique for removing stains from a leather sofa.

Because SOFAS are used so frequently, they are prone to staining. Fortunately, there are inexpensive ways to clean leather chairs. One thing in particular stood out to Mrs Hinch fans.

Mrs Hinch is an Instagram cleaning influencer who has over four million followers. She became famous after sharing cleaning and tidying tips and tactics on social media.

Mrs. Hinch’s fans have now started their own social media profiles in her honor.

Over 100,000 members of one such Facebook page share housekeeping tips with one another.

One of our readers recently inquired about the best way to clean a leather sofa.

“Please send the best products for cleaning a leather sofa,” they said.

They were fortunate in that they received a large number of responses.

One product, though, stood out from the rest.

“Dove soap is the best ever,” one individual said.

Mrs. Hinch’s admirer concurred. “Dove soap,” they simply stated.

One user suggested using Dove soap and washing it off with a cloth and fabric softener.

“Dove soap bar, wonderful on leather,” remarked another.

Dove soap is readily available and costs only 60p at Boots.

The cost of a pack of six soaps was £2.90.

Baby wipes were also recommended by Mrs Hinch admirers.

“Spray with deodorant, leave, then wipe off with a baby wipe,” one individual suggested.

“Baby wipes,” said another Mrs Hinch devotee.

Other cleaning aficionados offered similar advice.

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One suggestion was to use “leather saddle soap.”

“Definitely Star Drops Clean and Feed, it’s amazing,” another Mrs Hinch admirer said.

A second individual concurred. “Star Drops Leather Cleaner and Feed,” they said.

“Tesco’s own leather cleaner spray is pretty good,” one customer wrote. We have cream snuggle chairs, and because my husband is a farmer, they get filthy to the point that you can see the mud dropping off! It also prepares them.”


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