Benson embraces son’s STUNNING confession in ‘Law and Order: SVU’ Season 23 Episode 11


Season 23 Episode 11 of ‘Law and Order: SVU’: Benson embraces his son’s STUNNING confession

Olivia Benson investigates a gruesome and emotional child-related case and learns something unexpected about her son.

The Season 23 premiere of ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’ was thrilling, and fans are looking forward to seeing what happens in the next episode.

During the first episode, we saw a group attempting to rock the city by committing several hate crimes against minorities, ruining NYPD’s Christmas.

Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and the rest of the team were working nonstop to apprehend the perpetrators.

They eventually caught them, but one of the men tried to take out a gun as soon as they told him to surrender.

Benson shoots and kills him before he can injure anyone.

In the meantime, Benson’s situation becomes more personal in the latest episode.

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Benson picks up her son Noah from school during the episode.

Noah and his classmates were about to begin a game.

However, one of the older children instructed Noah to enter a cage, wear a dog collar, and force him to eat dog food, which was unusual for children to do.

Noah was asked to do it, and the older boy wanted to film him doing it.

Noah politely declined and walked away.

Tino, a young boy, is seen elsewhere playing video games while his uncle Carlos looks on.

Carlos, on the other hand, takes a break to do some work.

Tino leaves the house as soon as he finishes his work to meet the person he met on the internet.

A man claimed to be there on behalf of his son and picked him up.

When they arrived, the man took a selfie with him before making him uncomfortable with his lies.

Tino attempted to leave, but was stopped by the man.

We see SVU arrive at Tino’s house just as Tino’s father and uncle have reported Tino missing to the police.

They discover Tino’s laptop has gone missing and track it down.

Police arrived a short time later.

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