Ben Shephard mocks Tipping Point player over blunder: ‘Your mates are gonna enjoy that one.’


Ben Shephard mocks Tipping Point player over blunder: ‘Your mates are going to enjoy that one.’

On Thursday night’s show, TIPPING POINT host Ben Shephard was taken aback when one of the contestants made an obvious blunder at a critical point in the game.

Contestants John and Martin went head-to-head in the most recent episode of Tipping Point, setting up a tense final round.

The ITV game show, however, got off to a rocky start when Ben Shephard was stunned by an embarrassing miscalculation in the first episode.

When answering a question about measurements with lightning-fast speed, contestant Martin made a schoolboy error.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t paid enough attention to what Ben had said, and he made a critical error early in the game.

“How many millimetres are in ten centimetres?” Ben wondered.

Martin was quick to respond, but his haste may have been his undoing.

He guessed that 10 millimetres equaled 10 centimetres, which left Ben perplexed for a few moments.

“There are 100 millimetres in ten centimetres,” he finally corrected Martin.

As he realized his error, Martin couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh, you said ten centimetres!” exclaimed the player.

“Yeah,” Ben replied quickly.

“I’m sorry, Martin, but you’re mistaken.”

Martin blushed and sighed, “Oh my gosh!”

The Tipping Point host was clearly sympathetic to the contestant’s error, and they both laughed appreciatively.

He told him, “I’m afraid we’ll have to steal a counter from you.”


Ben, on the other hand, couldn’t help but mock the player, saying, “Your mates are going to enjoy that one, Martin.”

As he admitted his error, Martin continued to laugh.

He admits, “I know, yeah.”

“I’m not telling them I’m on TV right now.”

For the remainder of the round, the contestant had only one counter.

Fortunately, he was able to make good use of it and progress to the next stage of the game.

However, it was his opponent John who eventually defeated the machine and advanced to the episode’s conclusion.

Even though he didn’t win the cash prize, John didn’t leave empty-handed, and he’ll be enjoying his mystery prize of a bottomless brunch soon.


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