Ben Shephard intervenes to rectify an MP’s mistake about Kate Garraway’s name.


Ben Shephard intervenes to rectify an MP’s mistake about Kate Garraway’s name.

HAPPY MORNING On Wednesday’s show, Ben Shephard was compelled to correct MP Victoria Atkins after she referred to Kate Garraway as “Fiona.”

On the ITV show, Home Office Minister Atkins discussed the need of self-isolation with Good Morning Britain hosts Ben Shephard, 46, and Kate Garraway, 54. However, she was left red-faced when she incorrectly referred to Kate as Fiona, prompting Ben to intervene and correct her.

It happened while Atkins was explaining to viewers that even if the NHS Test and Trace app alerts them, they must still isolate.

Confusion ensued after business minister Paul Scully stated on Tuesday that the app’s recommendations were only advisory, and that consumers might opt not to follow the tracing system’s messages.

“So, why did the business minister get that wrong?” Garraway questioned Atkins. “Then why did he say something different?”

“Well,” began Atkins. “The guidance – Paul is both a friend and a colleague, but the guidance has always been there.”

“You know, if Track and Trace calls you, you must please isolate, and we also say that if you’ve been pinged, you must isolate,” she continued.

However, she had previously misidentified Kate as Fiona, and Shephard saw this as an opportunity to correct her.

“So he [Scully] just made a mistake – he misspoke, we all do,” the broadcaster remarked.

“I call Kate a lot of names, but she’s definitely not a Fiona, but you’ve had a lot on your plate this morning, so don’t worry.”

“We forgive you,” he said, as Kate laughed. After initially appearing perplexed, Atkins responded, “Oh, I’m really sorry!”

He said, “No, it’s OK.” “It’s fine!” Kate said with a smile.

The conversation went on, but Ben had to stop the minister once more, accusing her of disregarding his queries.

Kate retaliated against her colleague Ben earlier in the show after he informed viewers about his recent leg injury.

During a recent football game, Ben ruptured his ACL, tore his meniscus, and shattered his leg, necessitating surgery.

He began updating viewers on his recovery during Wednesday’s broadcast.

Kate, on the other hand, quickly criticized him, saying he had been “banging on about it all week.”

“I’m complaining about his knee on social media, and he came in today with shorts, and I’ve got.”Brinkwire Summary News,” she continued.


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