Ben Shephard discusses his ‘hot’ conflicts with wife Annie, saying, ‘She really battled.’


Ben Shephard discusses his ‘hot’ conflicts with wife Annie, saying, ‘She really battled.’

HAPPY MORNING Ben Shephard, a British television personality, has confessed that his wife Annie struggled at first with his family’s “passionate and involved” disputes.

On Good Morning Britain, Ben Shepard opened up to Piers Morgan’s wife Celia Walden about clashing with their other halves. He admitted that early in their relationship, his wife Annie found his family’s “heated” conflicts difficult to deal with. Annie took a long time to grasp his family didn’t hate each other, according to the 46-year-old.

Ben and co-presenter Susanna Reid chatted to Celia about her new novel, Pay Day, and her husband Piers’ prospective return to television on Thursday’s broadcast of the ITV show.

After Celia mentioned how her family has “good” conflicts, Ben revealed his personal experiences with his family’s heated quarrels throughout the interview.

“People might argue with each other, and it can get fairly heated,” she explained, “but that’s part of family life, it’s part of regular life, you know.”

“It’s interesting,” Ben replied. “I remember us talking about it a while back, and you stating [about this].”

GMB fans are distracted by Susanna Reid’s arrival.

“I recall my wife remarking how heated and engaged everyone was, and how boisterous they were with their conversation,” Ben explained.

“At first, she struggled since she hadn’t had that experience [with her family].”

“I recall you [Celia] coming to the conclusion that you had no choice but to go because you didn’t want to be a part of it.

“And it took Annie a long time to realize that it didn’t mean we despised each other; it just meant we were both extremely enthusiastic about whatever we were talking about.”

Celia told Ben that she thought family disagreements were “very healthy.”

“[It’s about] getting it all out there, and there are families who do that, and it’s fantastic,” she stated.

“But you won’t always do that; you shouldn’t always agree with each other, should you?”

Susanna agreed with Piers’ wife that you shouldn’t always agree with your family.

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