Ben Shephard: As he recovers from leg surgery, the GMB star tells of ‘hobbling’ to the theatre.


Ben Shephard: As he recovers from leg surgery, the GMB star tells of ‘hobbling’ to the theatre.

After undergoing leg surgery, BEN SHEPHARD took to social media to report that he “hobbled” during a family trip to the play in London’s West End.

Ben Shephard, 46, of Good Morning Britain, has resorted to Instagram to update his social media admirers on his rehabilitation following leg surgery. After “hobbling” to see a production of The Play That Goes Wrong with his family, the ITV celebrity revealed that he spent the evening at the Duchess Theatre in London. In a recent post from his hospital bed, the actor stated that his recuperation would be “long and slow.”

What a delight it was to be at the theatre last night – I was hobbling like crazy!

Shephard, Ben

In front of his 475,000 Instagram followers, the singer wrote a comment on his tales.

The TV host indicated that he was on a family outing to the theater by snapping a photo of the show’s program.

However, the actor admitted that he couldn’t fully enjoy his trip because of his leg issue, which caused him to “hobble” to his seat.

“What a delight to be at the theatre last night – I did some real hobbling!” he said on Facebook.

“Congratulations to everyone at @nimaxtheatres and the cast and staff, the whole family enjoyed it!!” (sic)

The newsreader just had surgery on his leg after severely severing his nerves during a football game.

The presenter’s meniscus was torn, his ACL was ruptured, and his leg was shattered.

Following the surgery, the host of Tipping Point sent out a video to his fans outlining his rehabilitation plan.

“Hello everyone, thank you for all the wonderful love and messages,” he stated.

“For those who don’t know, I tore my meniscus and ruptured my ACL in my knee while playing football.”

Ben then showed us his leg, which had been tagged with orange after the operation.

He went on to say, “That’s how it looks right now.” By the way, that isn’t a fake tan.

“Despite my Essex roots, I assure I didn’t fake tan before my surgery.”

“So they’ve repaired the ACL and the meniscus, and now the therapy begins, the extremely gradual, long rehab,” he said.

“However, I must remark that the painkillers appear to be working right now.”

Ben couldn’t help but mention Kate, one of his fellow GMB hosts. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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