Ben Hillman scolds a “picky” buyer in A Place in the Sun, saying, “You’ve shot yourself in the foot!”


Ben Hillman scolds a “picky” buyer in A Place in the Sun, saying, “You’ve shot yourself in the foot!”

A LOCATION IN THE SUN When a “picky” house hunter gave their final thoughts on the properties the presenter had seen him, Ben Hillman slammed him.

In Thursday’s replay of A Place in the Sun, Ben Hillman was tasked with finding the right holiday property for ex-policeman Steve. The Channel 4 visitor was a “picky” property seeker who was pleasantly delighted by what his budget allowed him to purchase in Fuerteventura. Ben, on the other hand, gave the visitor some tough words of advise, admitting that he thought Steve had “shot himself in the foot.”

Steve was seeking for a two-bedroom vacation property where he and his daughter Madison could spend quality time together.

He brought his stepmother Sandra along for the house hunt, and Ben quickly realized how fastidious his visitor was.

The ex-policeman was seeking for a large home with plenty of outside space that was close to amenities.

Ben, on the other hand, cautioned him that his budget of £100,000 was far too high for the area.

Ben’s search didn’t start well, and Steve was “hesitant” from the moment he entered the first property.

He observed, “It’s smaller than expected, especially if it’s just one bedroom.”

“How are you feeling?” says the narrator. Ben was the one who inquired. “You have a limited budget to work with, and this is the best you can do.”

The former cop retorted, “My gut reaction is that it’s a no, it’s not for me.”

The next property impressed Steve a lot more, but he wouldn’t say whether it was a candidate.

The next property was a two-bedroom townhouse with a roof terrace that offered spectacular views.

Steve and Sandra, on the other hand, were disappointed by the location, which they believed was too far from the ocean.

Ben’s fourth offering, a three-bedroom home in Costa de Antigua, finally brought a smile to Steve’s face.

He was impressed by the large property, which included a private roof patio and access to a common pool.

He wasn’t fully sold, though, and advised Ben to look for anything in his chosen location of Caleta de Fuste.

“Are you becoming irritated by him?” Sandra was the one who asked Ben. “Because I am,” she says.

The Channel 4 expert asked if he could push Steve’s budget, and the former cop agreed, saying he would be willing to spend £120,000 on the ideal location.

Ben discovered a property that appeared to meet all of Steve’s criteria. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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