Ben Hillman of A Place in the Sun snarls at a guest over a shoe storage concern, saying, “Excuse me!”


Ben Hillman of A Place in the Sun snarls at a guest over a shoe storage concern, saying, “Excuse me!”

A SUNRISE LOCATION As Channel 4 aired a classic edition of the renowned property show, host Ben Hillman faced a difficult problem when his guest was more concerned about her shoe storage while house looking in France.

Ben Hillman of A Place in the Sun returned to Channel 4 on Tuesday afternoon, showing newlyweds Maxine and Cormack around to discover their eventual permanent home. The couple was seeking for a home that was convenient to their wedding venue and large enough for their four sons to stay. Ben, on the other hand, ran into shoe-obsessed Maxine, who was more concerned with whether she would have enough room for her shoes than with the house’s features.

“Today’s house searchers are Maxine and Cormack from the Scottish borders,” Ben stated as he introduced the show.

“Having recently married in this lovely area of France, they’re now ready to pursue their ambition of purchasing a vacation property near Riberac’s picturesque market town.”

“Maxine and Cormack, welcome back to the Dordogne, there is cause for joy here you got married here two weeks ago?” Ben replied to the couple.

“Doesn’t it seem a little weird to be looking for a property in France with me so soon after being married?” Ben exclaimed.

“I know,” Maxine replied, and Ben soon joked, “Talk about the gooseberry!”

“Wasn’t it the most incredible day?” Maxine said, “Oh it really was, lots of relatives and friends, it was magical, it was fantastic,” to Ben’s question.

Maxine and Cormack informed Ben that moving to France had been their ambition since they met and that they needed a place to accommodate their four boys and Maxine’s extensive shoe collection.

Their property budget was between £105,000 and £107,000, which presented Ben with a significant hurdle, but he was up to the task.

The first house Ben showed the couple was only a 20-minute drive from their wedding location and was close to Riberac.

Maxine and Cormack were both taken aback by what they saw when they arrived at the property, saying, “Wow!”

“It has two bedrooms and the potential to add a third bedroom,” Ben noted. “It needs a little updating but nothing too difficult.”

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