Ben Hillman, host of A Place In The Sun, was yelled at by his parents for wearing masks on the school run.


Ben Hillman, host of A Place In The Sun, was yelled at by his parents for wearing masks on the school run.

A SUNRISE LOCATION While picking up his children from school, presenter Ben Hillman’s parents were reportedly yelled at by an anti-masker.

Ben Hillman of A Place In The Sun has turned to Twitter to tell that while picking up his two girls from school yesterday, his parents were yelled at. The TV host claimed that on the first day restrictions were released, an anti-masker approached his mother and father and requested that they remove their face coverings.

Seriously, what is it about some people that makes them so disrespectful?

Hillman, Ben

In front of his 5,169 followers, the celebrity shared his less-than-pleasant experience.

“Parents brought up girls from school since I’m in isolation,” he explained.

The singer went on to describe his parents’ Covid precautions, which included donning a face mask and driving with the windows open.

He said, “They wore their masks in the car and had the windows open for ventilation.”

Ben, on the other hand, stated that they were then approached by an enraged anti-masker who demanded that they take off their face masks.

“A woman yelled at them through the glass to take off their masks!” he claimed.

“#FreedomDay??? What is wrong with certain people? #berespectful,” he concluded his message.

One of the host’s fans responded, wishing him well and agreeing with his parents’ decision to continue wearing face masks.

The majority of Covid restrictions across the country were lifted yesterday.

As part of ‘Freedom Day,’ the government lifted the requirement that people wear face masks in stores and on public transportation, as well as removing restrictions on gatherings.

While face masks are no longer required in some locations, many retailers urge their customers to wear them.

Face coverings are “no longer advised for kids, employees, and visitors either in classrooms or in communal spaces,” according to the government’s most recent rules for schools.

Despite the fact that face coverings were no longer required by law, the guidance encouraged people to wear them in “enclosed and crowded settings.”

Children are no longer required to remain in “bubbles,” according to the operating guidance, and assemblies and lunch breaks can “continue” as usual.

Ben has said that he is currently in solitude after filming for his favorite property in Kefalonia, Greece. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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