Below Deck Mediterranean: Who is Delaney Evans, the new stew?


Below Deck Mediterranean: Who is Delaney Evans, the new stew?

In recent episodes of BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN, new stew Delaney Evans has been introduced, but who is this newcomer?

Delaney made quite an impression when she arrived at Below Deck Mediterranean in the episode that aired on Bravo on August 30, 2021. As chief stew Katie Flood welcomed the newcomer to the Lady Michelle, she gave an introduction of who she was and what kind of stew she would be. But who is she, and why has she been cast in the show, which is also broadcast on Channel 4’s sister channel, E4?

On April 30, 2021, the newcomer to the Lady Michelle turned 26 years old, with a Media Studies degree from the University of Berkley in California.

She also possesses her captain’s license, which allows her to operate a vessel with a capacity of more than seven persons.

Delaney began her professional career in retail and modeling after being born and raised in Seattle, Washington.

She discovered her passion for sailing while attending courses at a local community center on Alki Beach.

Winters in the Caribbean and summers in Croatia and Greece were completed only after she decided to seek a profession on the water.

In San Francisco, the new stew landed her first sailing job as an instructor at a yacht club.

Delaney’s first voyage was onboard an 88-foot gaff-rigged schooner, often known as a training shift, where she learned more about her vocation.

She then worked as a flotilla skipper in the Mediterranean and then on a motor boat in Florida after finishing her media studies degree.

She now resides in Hawaii, where she is pursuing her 200-ton captain’s license so that she can command a larger vessel.

I never actually looked at the inside of the house.

Delaney Evans is a character in the film Delaney Evans

Delaney said about her job path, “I adore learning how to get others to do what I want.”

“The nicest thing that happened as a result of Berkeley wasn’t even related to education; I joined the sailing team and had a great time.

In past employment, she noted, “I never really touched the interior since it was a lesser level of charter and we wouldn’t do the mattresses every day or anything like that.”

“However, whatever it took to keep the guests pleased was undoubtedly done. “Brinkwire Summary News” says, “I’m willing to help.”


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