‘Below Deck’: Izzy Wouters doesn’t think that Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy had romantic feelings for Malia White


The Mediterranean viewers of Below Deck wondered if Captain Sandy Yawn was romantically interested in boatwoman Malia White after an explosive season and a confounding cameo video emerged.

On the Internet, rumors circulated that Yawn may not be training White to be a captain, but instead that she was romantically interested in her.

A fan leaked a cameo video in which Yawn said that White was “secretly gay” but then giggled. White spoke about the video later, insisting that she was not gay and the video shocked her.

Recently, Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters from Below Deck addressed the reaction and fallout from the video. Wouters, who had recently shared that she was gay, had her own view of the relationship and claimed that White was simply seen by Yawn as a protege or sibling.

Izzy Wouters said the video’s clarification was not a good idea,

In the video, Wouters did not appreciate Yawn’s remarks, but also does not believe that Yawn has romantic plans for White.

Wouters said on the podcast Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, “I think [Yawn] seems very, very in love with her partner and they seem to be a good fit for each other,” “I figured that it was probably not the smartest thing she might have done to come out and say that Malia was gay.

Because, you know, that’s Malia’s business, even if she is or she isn’t.

Unless Malia wants to publicly come out with it, it is nobody else’s business.

Tonight is #BelowDeckMed’s SEAson finale! Catch the brand new episode on @BravoTV at 9/8c. ‘Below Deck Med’ @belowdeckbravo pic.twitter.com/NOHi7NMphy- Captain Sandy Yawn (@CaptSandyYawn) October 12, 2020: Leah Shafer reveals what it really feels like to be in a relationship with Captain Sandy Yawn (exclusive)

She added, “But I think everyone has their own perspective on it,” My point of view is that Sandy is probably a little bit like a daughter or a protégé or something like that in Malia. She wants her to do well.

And you know, in the industry, it’s hard for a lot of women to get recognition.

“And [Yawn] probably wants [White] to get respect and have the career she wants,”And [Yawn] probably wants [White] to get respect and have the career she wants. “But I think there are just certain ways to go about things, and both of those were definitely lost last season.”

Captain Sandy and girlfriend Leah Shafer love each other happily.

As Yawn and girlfriend Leah Shafer recently celebrated two years together, Wouter’s hunch is spot on. In 2019, the pair just revealed they were dating. Yawn packed up her life and moved to be with Shafer in Colorado.

The couple have been inseparable since then, even when Yawn was filming the show. “When I met Sandy, she showed me a different kind of love,”When I met Sandy, she showed me a different kind of love. “One love wasn’t better than the other. Meeting Sandy is a love that connected with me in a way that was organic and fit where I was at in my life.”

Wishing a happy, prosperous and secure New Year to everyone – from our family to yours! #HappyNewYear2021 pic.twitter.com/q6G6Eos9d4- Captain Sandy Yawn (@CaptSandyYawn) 30 December 2020 Captain Sandy Breaks Exciting Relationship News From ‘Below Deck Med’ (Exclusive)

“She’s the one,” said Shafer. The couple recently bought a home together and are happily nesting. “I know Sandy and I want forever [with this relationship].”


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