“Below Deck Galley Talk” with fans is a major “Below Deck” hit.


When the new series premiered on Friday, January 1, Below Deck Galley Talk hit exactly the right note.

Famous crew members gathered on couches and in homes around the world for the first time to chat about Below Deck’s new episode.

They gave their evaluations, but also shared personal stories that contributed to the series’ fun and whimsy.

“yes please”yes please”keep up the good work.”keep up the good work.

Some fun revelations were shared by the crew

Both Connie Arias and Kelley Johnson reflected on how much they miss working with Eddie Lucas, the boatmaker. Kate Chastain wondered if she had ever shot a stew (she hadn’t) and Colin Macy-O’Toole joked that the question about fly fishing from Francesca Rubi to new deckhand Robert Phillip was really code for sex.

This fun fact was also provided by Chastain: Captain Lee Rosbach’s radio is a gauge of his feelings. “If it’s here at his head, that means he’s mad,”If it’s in his head, that means he’s mad. “If he’s out on deck and he’s waving it at the antenna, he wants to make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Just admit it. We all know who is the real #GalleyTalk star…. Pic.twitter.com/QMK410zxyB- Kate Chastain (@Kate Chastain) January 2, 2021 ‘Below Deck’: Colin Macy-O’Toole says he had a blast filming ‘Below Deck Galley Chat’ with Bobby Giancola (exclusive)

When he saw the deckhands struggling with the slide, Johnson said he got “PTSD” Macy-O’Toole joked that he used to only let boatswain João Franco run the slide while nibbling on a bowl of Pez candy.

Chastain also found that Rachel Hargrove’s chef friend appears to jump ship every three months. She also said that she’s mates with Laura Betancourt, a former one-pot cook (you’ll have to check yourself).

Elizabeth Frankini wants to speak less and work more, Josiah Carter said. Needless to say, the whole group of former crew members were in awe of the excellent food of Hargrove. “She smashed it, b*tch!” Carter screamed. He also commented that Frankini’s cabin was the one he lived in with Chastain.

Since the nude guests frolicked in the steamy water, the crew also decided that the whole hot tub needed to be bleached.

Chastain screamed that she wanted to be the new best friend of the charter guests. “I love him so much,”I love him so much.

Viewers are in love with ‘Galley Chat Below Deck’

It’s official: viewers love the Galley Talk Below Deck. On Twitter, many shared how much they enjoyed the show. “I had tears of laughter after watching @Kate Chastain and her goat face,” one individual wrote.

Another individual gushed, “#GalleyTalk is actually the best thing to happen to the #BelowDeck franchise in ages. It’s so much fun to have a #ThePeoplesCouch with some favorite yachties.”

A surprise drop in music we all wanted! @ColinMacyOToole and more #BelowDeck alums are launching #GalleyTalk, a new show that premieres at 7-6pm on Friday! ‘Under Deck’: Kate Chastain reveals how she and Rhylee Gerber were caught behind the scenes[Beats: @bgcola28] /[Lyrics: @ColinMacyOToole] pic.twitter.com/EscGhA7euK- Bravo (@BravoTV) December 28, 2020′

Another fan wrote on Twitter, “I think this show should air earlier in the season,” Others, meanwhile, wondered if the crew should continue the show but review past seasons. “A really entertaining Bravo TV hour.

It’s basically pillow talk for Bravo, as has been reported. So much better than the other episode,’ Chatroom,’ which is barely watchable,’ added one fan from Twitter.

Speak Below Deck Galley airs at 7:6 p.m. on Friday. Bravo on.


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