Before the’monster storm,’ Piers Morgan gives a warning. ‘Will unleash mayhem!’ says Hurricane Ida.


Before the’monster storm,’ Piers Morgan gives a warning. ‘Will unleash mayhem!’ says Hurricane Ida.

PIERS MORGAN has wished those in Louisiana luck as a “terrifying monster storm” approaches the American state today, turning to Twitter to express his concern.

Today, as an extreme weather warning was issued in the US state of Louisiana, Piers Morgan resorted to social media. After weather forecasters predicted wind rates of up to 150 mph, the former Good Morning Britain host branded Hurricane Ida a “monster storm.”

When the storm approaches from the Gulf of Mexico, the 56-year-old TV celebrity claimed it will be “extremely terrible.”

He warned that it might be one of America’s worst hurricanes ever.

Many people have begun evacuating the area ahead of the hurricane’s landfall this evening, which is expected to be a Category 5 storm.

Piers, who spent the summer vacationing on the Caribbean island of Antigua, offered folks in Louisiana “good luck.”

“Wow. “Hurricane Ida is rapidly intensifying into a scary monster storm with winds exceeding Category 5, 150 mph, and a 17-mile-wide ‘eye,’” the father-of-four posted on Twitter today.

“One of the most powerful hurricanes in American history.

In light of his 7.9 million followers, he continued, “It will wreak mayhem when it slams into Louisiana in a few hours – good luck to everyone there.”

The hurricane is expected to be more powerful than Hurricane Katrina, which ravaged New Orleans 16 years ago.

“I worked for CNN during Hurricane Katrina. In the comments section of Piers’ piece, a news reporter said, “The carnage is indelibly burnt into my head.”

He continued, “My heart goes out to the folks of the Gulf Coast.”

“The storm surge from it will be catastrophic. “Imagine Ida ripping through her exact course on the 16th anniversary as a cat 5,” (sic) another commented. Katrina was only a cat 3 and created a 27-foot surge.

A third user joked, “Hurricane Expert Piers Morgan talks.”


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Governor John Bel Edwards issued a warning to people last night, advising them to seek shelter in order to weather the storm.

He tweeted, “This will be one of the most powerful hurricanes to slam Louisiana since at least the 1850s.”

“All of your preparations must be complete, and you must be present.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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