Before the release of Part 2, the director of Money Heist season 5 writes a poignant farewell to Professor.


Before the release of Part 2, the director of Money Heist season 5 writes a poignant farewell to Professor.

The second half of season five of MONEY HEIST will be the series’ final installment, and the show’s director has written a touching farewell to The Professor.

Fans are looking forward to the highly anticipated second half of Money Heist after an emotional conclusion to season five part one. However, as much as the rest of the show is anticipated, its conclusion will be sad because it will be the series’ final chapter. Director Jess Colmenar recently wrote an emotional farewell tribute to The Professor (Lvaro Morte) on Instagram. After its premiere in 2017, the Spanish crime drama, initially titled La Casa De Papel, grabbed the world by storm, with viewers sympathizing with and rooting for the crooks.

It followed The Professor and eight trainees on their mission to rob the Royal Mint of Spain in a massive heist.

The series focused on the crew’s individual motivations for participating in the robbery, as well as the extensive preparation they got before to the operation.

Tokyo (rsula Corberó), Helsinki (Darko Peric), Rio (Miguel Herran), Denver (Jaime Lorente), Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Nairobi (Alba Flores), Oslo (Roberto Garcia Ruiz), and Moscow (Roberto Garcia Ruiz) appeared alongside The Professor in season one (Paco Tous).

With Money Heist drawing to a close and a second season set to premiere in December, director Jess Colmenar wrote an emotional farewell to the fan favorite.

Jess penned a lengthy statement thanking The Professor after releasing a behind-the-scenes photo of himself with him on Instagram.

“I remember many occasions when we met, the casting, the nerves,” the English translation said.

“It was a labor of love to create a character that had never been seen before. One of the most meaningful shared experiences of my career was building the Professor with you, layer by layer,” he said.

Jess Colmenar (@jesus colmenar) shared a post.

“You poured your heart and soul into this character. Everything. And you succeeded in creating something memorable,” he said.

Money Heist was also a smash since it was unlike any other show, especially one about a large robbery.

The Professor was able to brilliantly work and direct the crew from a protected position away from the bank while the crew worked inside.

He was an introverted genius who knew how to elude police enforcement while remaining undetected. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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