Before the Food Coma Sets In, Tell These 40 Hilarious Thanksgiving Jokes.


Before the Food Coma Sets In, Tell These 40 Hilarious Thanksgiving Jokes.

The majority of people are aware that Thanksgiving may be an emotionally challenging time for family that travel across cities to share an annual feast. But don’t worry, we’re here to brighten your day! Instead of rolling your eyes every time your great-uncle says something you don’t agree with, lighten everyone’s mood with Thanksgiving jokes to add some holiday-related humor to the festivities.

Enjoy Thanksgiving this year by biting into some of these jokes and sharing them with the whole family, from dad jokes to turkey puns, with some digs at Pilgrims thrown in for good measure.

(After all, it’ll be more fun to make everyone laugh than it will be to dispute about politics with people who will never understand your point of view.)

1) My family advised me to stop cracking Thanksgiving jokes, but I refused to stop “cold turkey.”

2) A woman was looking among the frozen turkeys at the grocery store in preparation for Thanksgiving Day, but she couldn’t locate one that was big enough for her family. “Do these turkeys get much bigger?” she inquired of the stock guy. He said, “No, ma’am.” “They’re no longer alive.” 3) Amy: Mom has asked you to assist her in preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

Dad: What’s the matter? Is it faulty? 4) I was planning to serve sweet potatoes with Thanksgiving dinner, but after sitting on them, I’ve decided to serve squash instead.

5) Q: On the day following Thanksgiving, what did the hipster say?

A: Before they were cool, I liked the leftovers.

6) Q: What would the Pilgrims be known for today if they were still alive?

A: They’re their age!

7) Q: On the day following Thanksgiving, what do you call a turkey?

A: You’re in luck.

8) Thanksgiving is the only holiday in which the mascot is consumed.

9) How do you refer to a stuffed animal?

A: After Thanksgiving, you.

10) Q: What do May flowers bring if April showers bring May flowers?

Pilgrims, to be precise.

11) Q: If the Mayflower carried the Pilgrims, what do college students travel on?

A: Ships for scholars.

12) Q: What do you get when you divide a pumpkin’s circumference by its diameter?

Pumpkin pi, to be precise.

13) Q: What happens if you treat cranberries harshly and make them sad?

A: They ripen and become blueberries.

14) What is the distinction between Election Day and Thanksgiving Day?

A: You receive a turkey for the day on Thanksgiving. You get a… Brinkwire short summary on Election Day.


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