Before settling on the ideal spot, the Hollington Drive crew visited “at least 100” roads.


HOLLINGTON DRIVE is back with another instalment tonight and fans have been keen to find out more about the eerie setting. The crew visited at least 100 roads before finding the perfect spot.

Hollington Drive has been airing on ITV on Wednesdays and the thriller TV series follows families from different walks of life in the titular street. They are all joined together by the tragic disappearance of a local schoolboy, which creates a wave of panic. This website has all you need to know about how the filming location was selected.

Hollington Drive tells the story of two sisters, Theresa (played by Anna Maxwell Martin) and Helen (Rachel Stirling), who have a turbulent relationship.

They are later bound together by a terrible incident involving the death of a young schoolboy, and they find themselves too deeply involved.

Theresa believes her son Ben (Fraser Holmes) is responsible for the child’s death, while Helen’s daughter Eva (Amelie Bea Smith) also has something to hide.

The story is set in a distinctive street and executive producer Jonathan Fisher said finding the right location was fundamental.

Speaking to This website and other media, he said: “It’s very difficult and I have to say the search for the location was extensive, to say the least.

“I think we started scouting for that location six months prior to filming.

“We looked at loads, we had a location scout on the road right in the height of the pandemic when it was just one man in his car going around possible cul de sacs.

“We reviewed, I would say over 100 possible cul de sacs, honestly.

“It was one of those that we just knew when we saw it, it was the one, and that was certainly the case.

“It’s such a fundamental part of the series and almost a character in itself, it was integral that we got it right.”

Carolina Giammetta, who directed the series, said a road with such a distinctive charm was not easy to find.

She added: “We started chatting about creating the world of Hollington Drive and then it got really exciting.

“It was quite American actually, the first images that I got into my head.

“There’s an estate close to me that looks a little bit like The Truman Show, when you think this is just so perfect.

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