Before he became famous, I discovered Ed Sheeran performed in my garden and slept in my bedroom.


Ed Sheeran performed in my garden and slept in my bedroom before he became famous, I discovered.

Before he became famous, Ed Sheeran did a gig in a garden — and the new occupant was taken aback.

Nigel Powley, 57, asked a neighbor if Ed had been to the area, and was told he had been playing in his Ipswich garden on a regular basis around 2009.

Nigel was taken aback when he saw photos and video of Ed jamming outside his £220,000 three-bed end-of-terrace home.

Ed, dressed in shabby jeans and holding a microphone, was photographed in 2009, just before signing his first big contract and becoming a £220 million megastar.

“I’m sure back in the day all sorts would have gone on in there,” said catering boss Nigel, who moved in two years later.

“It’s incredible to think that the world’s biggest music star used to play small gigs in our garden,” Nigel said.

“Within a few years, he was performing in front of audiences of over 100,000 people.”


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