‘Been so long,’ Angel Adoree weeps over the Escape to the Chateau venture.


‘It’s been so long,’ Angel Adoree weeps over the Escape to the Chateau venture.

ANGEL ADOREE was overcome with joy over the success of her garden party in a new episode of Channel 5’s restoration series, and she burst into tears.

The eighth season of Escape to the Chateau followed Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree on their journey to renovate their French Chateau.

After two years of not being able to properly socialize with their friends, Dick and Angel decided to throw a garden party for their children on Sunday night’s episode.

Angel was seen getting emotional after the party’s success, expressing her gratitude for the freedom her children and their friends enjoy as a result of their home.

Dick and Angel decided to reopen their doors for the first time in two years and offer their children’s French friends the best of the British, a traditional garden party.

Angel and Dick discussed how they would make the party one to remember for their friends, complete with tea and cakes, jelly and ice cream, and garden games.

“I need to know what you’ve told the children before we proceed,” Dick said to Angel.

“I haven’t told them much because we haven’t had that conversation yet,” Angel replied, laughing. “But I have told them we are having a garden party number one.”

After seeing Dick’s initial reaction, she laughed and said, “And a tea party number two, ok, maybe I’ve told them a couple of bits.”

“Garden party, tea party, get it all off your chest now,” Dick confirmed before continuing their conversation.

“And they can invite whomever they want number three,” Dick added after a brief pause. “Did you really just say who they wanted?”

“Well, I believe they’ve been without their friends for nearly two years, so this is a big deal for them,” Angel explained.

“Basically, they can invite whomever they want,” Dick agreed, “but I have a slight issue with anarchy.” “Okay, it’s dependant on the weather if it rains, but it could be very interesting,” Dick added.

The couple turned their garden into a wonderland for Arthur and Dorothy’s guests, complete with buried treasure and traditional games in the orangery, as well as tea and cake.

Angel reflected on the success of the party and the memories her children and their friends had created as it came to a close.

“I haven’t seen it,” she stated.

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