Because she despises running, Natalia Bryant chose volleyball over basketball.


It is no surprise that Natalia Bryant inherited her father’s, Kobe Bryant, love for sports.

The 18-year old first-born daughter of the NBA legend who stands more than six feet tall has previously expressed her interest in professionally playing volleyball.

The star recently said her interest in volleyball over basketball is because she hates running.

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Why she loves volleyball and how she started playing it

In a Teen Vogue cover story, Bryant reveals that she prefers volleyball to basketball. She explains that her love for basketball developed at the early age of nine when her mother took her to watch Misty May Treanor compete at the 2012 London Olympics.

She goes further to explain that at the time, she was not particularly confident about her height. However, after watching the exceptionally tall women thrive on the court, she realized that was the sport for her.

After this encounter, she took up club volleyball, with the end goal being that she would end up becoming a Division 1 athlete when she attended college.

She got her dad involved in her love for the sport going as far as bringing him to the courtside when the University of Southern California played against the University of Oregon.

Being as tall as she is, Bryant fits perfectly into a volleyball team as an exceptional middle blocker. In most of the teams she has played in, she stands out as the tallest, which makes her a key player when it comes to defense and attacks.

What’s more, she has such a powerful point shot that is often angled downwards, making her a vital member of any team. She is also quoted as saying that she hates running which made volleyball a more viable option for her.

Why she decided not to play in college

In January 2020, Gianna Bryant and the girls’ dad died in a helicopter crash. It is after this crash that she is reported as having quit volleyball. She admits that following the accident, she reflected on just how much her sister and dad loved basketball which was more than she ever was committed to volleyball.

In the interviews she has done following the tragedy, the young lady has been adamant that given all that is happening within her family, she wants to be focused more on her family moving forward.

The freshman at USC has since turned more into… Brinkwire Entertainment short news.


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