Because of this tradition, James May covered his face while eating on ‘The Grand Tour: Carnage a Trois.’


Because of this custom, James May covered his face while eating on ‘The Grand Tour: Carnage a Trois.’

Apart from burning rubber, The Grand Tour hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond excel at educating their viewers on obscure facts about whatever topic they’re discussing.

This was particularly evident in one of the show’s most recent specials, Carnage a Trois.

The special is a tasteful take on all things French and French cars, focusing on France’s contribution to automotive history while also dabbling in some general traditions of the region.

However, at one point during the show, James inexplicably covers his face while eating, leaving many viewers baffled as to why he would do so.

So, why did James cover his face in the first place, and what do we know about it?

When the three lovable automotive enthusiasts talk about all things France in their Carnage a Trois special, they get hungry. When they stop for a meal, however, James does something that a good majority of the show’s fans will find strange: he covers his entire face with a large white napkin while he eats.

If you watched the special, you may have wondered why the star, who also hosts Our Man in Japan, did this while eating his meal.

The joke is on all of us, because James was simply adhering to cultural norms by consuming the dish in question.

The host was eating ortolan bunting, a small bird that is now illegal to serve in many countries, including France, due to the cruel methods of preparation and consumption.

When the ortolan is young, it is kept in a dark cage and tricked into eating an excessive amount of figs.

The ortolan is literally drowned in Armagnac brandy after they’ve been fattened up to roughly twice their original size.

After that, it’s peeled and roasted for eight minutes.

When it arrives at the table, the eating process is almost as brutal.

“The consumer then places the bird feet first into their mouth while grasping the bird’s head,” according to Wikipedia.

After that, the Ortolan is eaten whole, with or without the head, and the consumer is…

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