‘Because of Gemma Collins, I had weight-loss injections, but they almost killed me.’


‘I had weight loss injections as a result of Gemma Collins, but they nearly killed me.’

When he saw Gemma Collins promoting the controversial SkinnyJab weight loss injections, influencer Cosmin Cernica was desperate to try them – but he quickly regretted it.

After becoming addicted to Skinny Jab injections, which he purchased after seeing Gemma Collins promote them, an influencer claims he was “slowly killing himself.”

Cosmin Cernica spent thousands of pounds on the product, which he claims caused him to break out in a rash.

He said he couldn’t eat or get out of bed because of the controversial weight-loss injections.

The Instagram influencer lost ten kilograms in just two months, but his body was collapsing, prompting a doctor to advise him to stop taking the injections.

“I wasn’t a fan of Gemma Collins but I happened to be in front of the TV and she was talking about these injections on a morning show,” Cosmin, who splits his time between London and Dubai, told the Brinkwire.

“Oh my god, this is going to be a miracle,” I said.

I went to Gemma’s Instagram account to see how she was promoting it.

“However, I ended up having a severe reaction to the injections that was all over my body for a few weeks, and I was slowly killing myself inside without even realizing it.”

Cosmin, 28, described himself as “big boned” and said he was under pressure to lose weight because of his social media job.

Last year, Gemma was promoting the Skinny Jab on Instagram, where she has 2.2 million followers.

Her followers once told her that the £250 injections “changed her life.”

“Everyone has been asking ‘how the hell have you lost weight, GC?'” she told her fans.

“Well, it’s all thanks to Skinny Jabs and their incredible team.”

They’ve changed the way I eat for the rest of my life.”

The injections work as an appetite suppressant, which is exactly what Cosmin felt at first.

“After a few days of taking them, I realized I wasn’t really hungry any longer,” he said, adding that he didn’t want to eat at dinners with his mother.

“I’d eat two mouthfuls of dinner and feel like I’d just finished a three-course meal.”

“What went wrong was that in the end, I wasn’t eating at all, I wasn’t getting any nutrients or vitamins, and I was starting to feel tired and sleepy and couldn’t get out of bed.”

Despite his deteriorating health, Cosmin.

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