Because ‘bullying’ locals are ‘jealous of her,’ a model was evicted from a £15k beach hut.


Because ‘bullying’ locals are ‘jealous of her,’ a model was evicted from a £15k beach hut.

Locals are “jealous,” according to Michele Spicer. Goring-by- Sea was evicted from her beach house after a ‘bullying’ campaign of complaints, but they’ve accused her of “antisocial behavior.” After a local effort resulted in Worthing Borough Council dismantling her beach cottage, a woman claims she suffered a “complete breakdown.”

People in Goring-by-Sea, according to Michele Spicer, are “envious of me because I’m glamorous,” and have launched a “bullying” campaign of complaints over parking, dog feces, and a public toilet.

Mum-of-two Michele purchased the hut in Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex, last year with the intention of turning it into a relaxing’mermaid refuge.’

However, she claimed that matters deteriorated after neighbors accused her of ‘antisocial behavior.’

She claims she parked her Mercedes in a “private” parking lot, prompting irate residents to leave comments and even dog excrement on it.

They were “jealous of her,” she claims, and objected to her initiatives to reopen a closed public bathroom as well as where she parked her car.

Michele says that Worthing Borough Council intervened last month, relocating her hut from its location and altering the locks.

“I went to the beach cottage one morning a few weeks ago and the locks were changed – then it was removed without my knowing,” Michele, a retired teacher, claimed.

“I’m merely a beach hut owner who enjoys the region because it’s excellent for my mental health – but my neighbors began to intimidate and plot against me.

“I don’t believe there is anything wrong with my parking, and I was merely attempting to reopen a bathroom.”

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“They’re envious of me because I’m glamorous, despite the fact that I’ve done nothing but good for the community.

“This feels like it’s devastated my life; I’ve lost my favorite beach cottage.”

Following her divorce, Michele bought the beach hut as a “safe haven.”

She claims it is now worth £35,000 after she spent months restoring it.

Following a campaign she organized to reopen a nearby public bathroom, she said notes calling her a “idiot” and accusing her of “p***ing residents off” were left on her car windscreen.

Despite the fact that the toilet is on council-owned property, she alleges that local people pay a service charge for its upkeep and opposed to her demands.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” she explained, “but they have a certain impression of me because I model and have a great automobile.”

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