‘Be a part of the actual world!’ Amnesty International director in immigration row enrages GB News viewers.


‘Be a part of the actual world!’ Amnesty International director in immigration row enrages GB News viewers.

When Great British Breakfast presenters Nana Akua and Tom Harwood interviewed Steve Valdez-Symonds of Amnesty International UK on Friday, people were outraged.

The Great British Breakfast, hosted by Nana Akua and Tom Harwood, returns on Friday. Steve Valdez-Symonds of Amnesty International UK joined the hosts on the show to address the current migrant situation. The guest’s suggestion that the UK was not performing its “duty” did not impress GB News viewers.

Nana and Tom questioned Steve about the worrying facts about the migrant problem in the United Kingdom.

This year, more than 10,000 migrants arrived in the UK, setting a new daily record for Channel crossings.

“What do you believe is causing this rise?” Nana had inquired.

“Well, I believe we have a long-standing crisis in this country,” Steve responded.

“We don’t take in a lot of refugees; in fact, we’re one of the few countries in the world that essentially opens its doors to very, very few people escaping persecution and seeking safety,” Steve explained.

“And I’m worried the inequity is beginning to show, since while other countries do far more than we do, some people cannot find safety anywhere else.

“There’s also the bizarre scenario of some of these folks having relatives and connections here.

“Yet there are still no other options for them to contact their family than these kinds of journeys.”

“Unless and until this country takes its responsibilities far more seriously and welcomes refugees via secure and well-managed routes,” he added.

“I’m worried that all of the possibility for smugglers and even more vicious people to essentially survive on human misery has been left to them.”

The Amnesty International UK director did not satisfy GB News, who resorted to Twitter to express their displeasure with him.

“This bloke doesn’t speak for the majority of this country!!!,” one person said.

“Authentic refugees, vetted and processed, yes!! Illegal migrants for economic reasons. No!! Another person wrote, “It’s very straightforward really.”

“When this person is on, I have to silence the TV,” a third stated. He isn’t a true believer in reality.

“He’ll live somewhere else in the world where he won’t have to deal with the fallout.”

“We must clearly comprehend the difference between ‘refugee and migrant’ for all countries to treat humanity respectfully,” a fourth tweeted.

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