BBC viewers are horrified by David Attenborough’s bizarre killer plant, dubbed ‘Give me nightmares.’


BBC viewers are horrified by David Attenborough’s bizarre killer plant, dubbed ‘Give me nightmares.’

David Attenborough’s new nature show, The Green Planet, terrified BBC viewers on Sunday night when he mentioned a killer plant.

Fans were ecstatic to see David Attenborough return to television with his new show, The Green Planet, on Sunday night.

The environmentalist gave a presentation about plant life all over the world.

David began the show by showing viewers how plants in the tropical rainforest must fight for survival.

Even the world’s largest killer plant, The Corpse Flower, was mentioned by the 95-year-old.

He explained that the parasitic plant had no leaves or stem.

“The bud opens into a monstrous flower after about five years,” he explained.

“It only has about a day to be pollinated before it withers.”

“It has the color of blood in its petals,” David added.

Their skin is hard and warty.

“It appears to have fur, as well as whiskers and teeth,” says the narrator.

It might be mistaken for a dead animal at first glance.

“It’s a Corpse Flower,” says the narrator.

It is the world’s largest flower, measuring a meter in diameter.

“This one is male, and a pungent odour of death emanates from its core.”

“Its scent may not appeal to all animals,” David continued.

“However, it attracts flies, who lay their eggs on the rotting flesh.”

“A fly is drawn deep into the flower by the scent, looking for meat.”

“The flower has the fly exactly where it wants it, but the fly finds nothing.”

The pollen on the fly’s back has stuck to it.”

However, some viewers were horrified by the segment, with many claiming that seeing The Corpse Flower would give them nightmares.

Jules began by saying, “Tonight I learned about the corpse flower, and it’s creepy AF!” on social media.

“I enjoy learning and teaching, and I believe this is one of the reasons I want to work as a factual television editor.

TheGreenPlanet (hashtag) is absolutely stunning.

We’re at a friend’s house, and we’re all glued to the television” (sic).

“Corpse flower and I never thought they’d go together,” Aiden wrote on Twitter.

“Reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors,” Dolly joked.

Sohail commented, “These parasite plants are going to give me nightmares.”

“Bloody David Attenborough andamp; his scary f***ing plants…” wrote user Rodders.

TheGreenPlanet is the most trippy television show I’ve ever seen.

“Brinkwire News Summary.”


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