Barry Allen faces a very dark future in the new season of ‘The Flash.’


Barry Allen’s future looks bleak in the new season of ‘The Flash.’

The Flash’s Barry Allen is never slow to get going.

The latest season of the DC series begins with Grant Gustin (the titular fastest man alive) continuing his fight to protect Central City from evil metahumans, no matter where or when they appear.

Unfortunately, in the five-episode “Armageddon” special, he may prove to be his own worst enemy.

Barry Allen, a crime-scene investigator, is the focus of The Flash.

The newly-appointed Flash takes it upon himself to protect his city from nefarious villains who have also gained superpowers as a result of the explosion at STAR Labs.

This DC superhero series is filled with time travel, alternate dimensions, crossovers, and CW drama.

As the show enters its eighth season, Barry is faced with a dark future in which he is evil, and he has no time to rest on his laurels.

Part 1 of Season 8 begins six months after Team Flash defeated Godspeed in a five-part special titled “Armageddon.”

Barry and his wife, Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton), try to get back to their normal lives of fighting metahumans and deep-cutting journalism.

Meanwhile, Ray PalmerThe Atom (Brandon Routh) attends a tech convention in Central City, and metahuman Allegra Garcia (Kayla Compton) is promoted at Iris’ news organization.

Even for a team used to dealing with metahumans, Despero (Tony Curran) is a unique threat.

This time-traveling alien arrives from the future in order to wipe Barry off the face of the earth.

Despero is still hellbent on defeating the Flash in the name of preventing disaster, despite Barry and Ray’s best efforts.

Although there isn’t a single evil bone in Barry’s body, Despero implies otherwise.

The alien arrives with a prophecy from the future, predicting that Barry will destroy the world by 2031.

Despero claims he’s there to save the future from the Flash, but Barry is determined to show that he’s not as evil as Despero portrays him.

Barry has seven days to prove his innocence after being informed of his true identity.

Despero will complete his mission regardless.

The Flash has devoted his life to defending his family and the citizens of Central City.

It’s difficult for him and his allies to believe that he could bring the world to an end.

Regrettably, Despero appears to have a better understanding of…

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