Barcelona, with Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe ‘Freddie was in tears,’ says the narrator.


Barcelona, with Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe ‘Freddie was in tears,’ says the narrator.

Barcelona by FREDDIE MERCURY and Montserrat Caballe is one of the greatest “Olympics songs” of all time, despite the fact that the Queen legend didn’t live to see it performed at the 1992 Summer Games.

The Olympic Games are regarded as one of the most significant cultural events of the twentieth century. Although it has been accompanied with an anthemic song, usually performed by a prominent star in recent decades, only a few have stood the test of time. Barcelona is the most iconic and memorable, with the exception of Whitney Houston’s magnificent 1988 One Moment In Time.

It was written in 1987 with the intention of serving as the theme for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, but due to Freddie’s failing health, it was only used to accompany a video presentation of the city on the international broadcast.

Recording the song and performing with his idol, on the other hand, remains one of Freddie’s happiest and greatest experiences.

Years later, his PA Peter Freestone told The Express, “The closest I’ve seen him to tears was when he got Montserrat Caballe to sing alongside him on the Barcelona record.” He was overjoyed. “The best voice in the world is singing my song,” he remarked.

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For years, Freddie had been enamored by Montserrat’s voice. “Freddie (Freddie) first heard Montserrat Caballe on February 3rd, 1981, at the Royal Opera House for a performance of Un Ballo in Maschera,” Freestone continued.

“Watching Freddie’s face light up after she completed singing in the trio during Act I was sheer bliss. Freddie couldn’t believe his ears and exclaimed, “I’ve just heard the best voice in the world.”

Years later, during a Spanish television interview, he was asked who he would most like to sing with. Naturally, he responded to Montserrat Caballe. When word reached the opera legend, she set in action the events that would lead to their epic partnership.

Freddie revealed his overwhelming excitement when Montserrat contacted him out of the blue in one of his last-ever taped interviews.

“She just called up a few weeks ago and said she’d love to work with.” Brinkwire Summary News, Freddie remarked in 1987.


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