Barbara Corcoran of ‘Shark Tank’ has been chastised for publicly fat-shaming Whoopi Goldberg.


Barbara Corcoran of ‘Shark Tank’ has been chastised for publicly fat-shaming Whoopi Goldberg.

‘Give those jeans to me when you’re done with them and decide you don’t like them. Barbara Corcoran told Whoopi Goldberg, “I’m going to build two pairs!” Barbara Corcoran, a regular on ‘Shark Tank,’ has been accused of fat-shaming co-host Whoopi Goldberg by viewers. After Goldberg jokingly questioned if she might fit into Good American pants, Barbara made a remark that seemed to have outraged a lot of people. Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede of ‘Shark Tank’ co-founded Good American, a denim company.

“Will they fit this Covid [butt]?” says the narrator. Goldberg, 65, inquired, with co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro assuring her that she’d nail the look. “When you’re done with those jeans and decide you don’t like them, give them to me,” Barbara, 72, interjected abruptly. “I’m going to make two pairs!” she exclaims. News from the Brinkwire Khloe Kardashian was chastised in a video for criticizing obese people: ‘Deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf Who is David Espino, and where did he come from? Paintball player from the United States Jessica Maiolo shames herself for being obese. Covid patient, 17 years old The ‘joke’ made the studio audience grumble, and Goldberg frowned as he turned to face the audience. Barbara’s face was observed with an uneasy smile. “Whoopi, let me just tell you something,” Navarro interjected, pointing to Barbara’s dress as he rushed to Goldberg’s defense. Sara Haines and Jill Biden both wore that garment on television.” “That was tried on me by Donald Trump Jr. “It didn’t work!” exclaims the narrator. “Given the Ana Navarro news, I think it’s time for a national discourse about the dangers of Covid-19 & obesity,” Navarro continued, referring to Don Jr’s recent tweet.” Viewers applauded Navarro for standing up for Goldberg, and many were offended by Barbara’s joke. One viewer said, “Don’t come for the moderator.” “Ana is close to Whoopi Goldberg and is pals with all of the co-hosts. If you come for one of the co-hosts, Ana will immediately call you out, but if you mess with Whoopi, she will come after you.” Some viewers, on the other hand, believed Barbara meant no harm. “Ana is GOLDEN, but I honestly believe Barbara was attempting to be amusing, so be gentle with her. Whoopi is a comedian and can take it.” After receiving a lot of negative response and a lot of backlash from viewers, Barbara later made a video on Twitter apologizing for the insensitive tone of her joke. “I just got from ‘The View,’ where I ran into an old friend, Whoopi Goldberg.” She has a fantastic sense of humor, as you know, and I’ve known Whoopi for years,” she continued. “I made a joke about Whoopi that I now understand wasn’t humorous.” #TheView I love you, Whoopi! Brinkwire Brief News, Barbara Corcoran.


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