Baking soda hacks: 5 things you didn’t realize you could do with baking soda.


Baking soda hacks: 5 things you didn’t realize you could do with baking soda.

When it comes to baking, BAKING SODA, commonly known as bicarbonate of soda, is a must-have in most kitchen cupboards. Baking soda, on the other hand, may be used for a variety of purposes. Here are five common baking soda uses you may not be aware of.

Baking soda, which is not to be confused with baking powder, is an important component of most cake recipes. Baking soda is far more effective than baking soda powder, which contains sodium bicarbonate as well as a variety of other chemicals. While bicarbonate is unquestionably useful in baking, there are a slew of additional uses for it in everyday life. Here are five of them.

Baking soda is an antibacterial agent as well as a natural antiseptic.

Most people aren’t aware that the tub of baking soda in their pantry can be used to treat those pesky insect bites that occur during the summer.

Adding a pinch of baking soda to your bath will help calm itchy skin and relieve the agony of insect bites, according to reports.

If you’re going to do it, only use a pinch of baking soda because too much can irritate your skin.

Put the drain cleaner away; baking soda will do the job just as effectively and for a fraction of the cost.

Pour half a cup of baking soda, followed by half a cup of white vinegar, down the drain you want to clear.

The combination will start to bubble, and you’ll need to let it sit for at least two hours for it to work.

When the timer goes off, throw a kettle full of boiling water down the drain.

This will not only clear the drain of any obstructing acids and keep it running freely, but it should also eliminate any unpleasant drain odor.

Clothing whiteners and detergents cost a lot of money because they aim to keep your garments looking as bright as they did when you bought them.

However, this isn’t necessary because baking soda will suffice.

Pour some baking soda in with your detergent before running your whites through the usual cycle to help them come out as bright as possible.

The baking soda should brighten them while also keeping them soft and eliminating any leftover odors.

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