Backstage secrets of the Masked Singer revealed – from balaclavas to non-disclosure agreements


Backstage secrets of the Masked Singer revealed – from balaclavas to non-disclosure agreements

EXCLUSIVE: Brinkwire spoke with one of The Masked Singer UK contestants to learn all about the show’s top-secret details, including non-disclosure agreements and elaborate disguises.

The Masked Singer has been entertaining fans for the past fortnight, but there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes information that viewers aren’t aware of.

Gloria Hunniford was fired from the popular ITV show, but that didn’t stop her from sharing all the behind-the-scenes details with us.

The Loose Women actress competed in the singing competition as Snow Leopard, but was eliminated in the first week by the TV judges.

The 81-year-old Irish host was ecstatic to be asked to appear on the show and was pleased with her overall performance.

She did admit, however, that some aspects of The Masked Singer experience were less enjoyable, such as being told not to speak for hours and keeping secrets from her family.

Let alone having to arrive and walk around the studio in an uncomfortable disguise, she says.

Let’s see what else she said…

Gloria exclusively revealed to Brinkwire that she was asked to sign an “NDA,” or non-disclosure agreement, before signing up for the show, and that contestants were even told not to tell their partners if there was a leak.

“What surprises me the most is the level of secrecy and how they manage to keep it all hidden,” Gloria told the Brinkwire.

“They said you can’t tell your other halves honestly,” I said, “but I did, and they were excellent…”

“I was terrified, but I couldn’t say anything because you have to sign an NDA, and my family had to as well.”

I was astounded by the extent of the secrecy.

It’s incredible.”

The show had to avoid potential leaks and paparazzi opportunities as much as possible because all of the characters’ identities were kept hidden from the public.

This prompted the producers to ask the contestants to don such a detailed disguise that even the show’s staff couldn’t figure out who they were.

Gloria, on the other hand, claimed that wearing these was more distressing than wearing her large, padded leopard costume, which prevented her from seeing properly.

“It’s the cover,” she explained.

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