Backstage at Masked Singer, Davina McCall is envious of Jonathan Ross’ dressing room.


Backstage at Masked Singer, Davina McCall was envious of Jonathan Ross’ dressing room.

On The Masked Singer UK, DAVINA MCCALL admitted to being “jealous” of her co-star Jonathan Ross.

Davina McCall, alongside fellow panel judges Jonathan Ross, Rita Ora, and Mo Gilligan, has returned to The Masked Singer UK 2022 for the third series of the popular show.

The ITV host recently revealed some behind-the-scenes details from the show.

Because of the show’s secrecy, the 54-year-old explained that she must exercise caution when going backstage.

The actress revealed that she is “envious” of Jonathan’s dressing room.

Davina recently revealed that her colleague is the “coolest person” when it comes to organizing his personal space in a new interview.

“I’m not allowed behind the scenes!” she exclaimed when asked about backstage details.

“We are not permitted to go anywhere because everything is top secret.”

“However, I can tell you that my fellow judge Jonathan is the coolest person in the dressing room,” Davina continued.

“On the first day, he shows up with a massive record player, a speaker system, and a ton of vinyl.”

“He sets up his entire dressing room like it’s a home away from home,” she told OK! magazine.

“I’m always envious and think to myself, ‘God, I need to do that next time.'”

Last weekend, ITV’s The Masked Singer UK premiered, and Davina McCall recently sparked controversy among viewers.

The ex-Big Brother contestant had been chastised for using the word “yeah” so frequently.

Meanwhile, during Sunday’s episode, viewers took to social media to vent their frustrations with the panelist.

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Others complained about the presenter’s microphone being turned up too loudly.


“Could someone please turn down Davina’s mic? (hashtag)MaskedSinger,” Art asked.

“Could someone turn off Davina McCall’s mic or tell her to stop drinking coffee?” Nick asked.

“(hashtag)MaskedSinger Is Davina’s mic turned up more than the others?” Ian B asked.

Gloria Hunniford, meanwhile, has left The Masked Singer 2022.

In Sunday’s episode of the ITV show, the Loose Women panelist was revealed as Snow Leopard.


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