Backlash against BBC Breakfast as fans complain about missing local news ‘What is going on?’


Backlash against BBC Breakfast as fans complain about missing local news ‘What is going on?’

Viewers of BBC BREAKFAST were furious when the show reappeared on Monday morning without the local news briefings.

Following the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, BBC Breakfast returned to screens on Monday morning. However, viewers were irritated by the absence of local news coverage, which was prioritized over Olympic programming and worldwide news.

Viewers were looking forward to the resumption of the iconic BBC breakfast show following the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

They were unhappy, though, because local news appeared to be swamped by Olympic and worldwide news.

Viewers vented their dissatisfaction on Twitter, with several asking when the local news would return.

“@BBCBreakfast,” one viewer tweeted. At 6.25 a.m., where are the local news and weather bulletins? Are they not coming back after the Olympics’ extensive coverage? #BBCbreakfast.”

“Where is the local news, travel, and weather this morning?” said another. #bbcbreakfast”


After you entirely dropped our local news and weather throughout the Olympics, I was looking forward to finally getting it back today… Only national weather shortly before the hour and a half hour, as it should be… What the hell is going on? A third person continued, “Face with symbols over mouth #bbcsouth.”

“@BBCBreakfast, are we getting the local news this morning?” another inquired.

On Monday morning’s breakfast show, Louise and Jon talked about Britain’s victory at the Olympics, showcasing a reel of videos from the sixteen days of athletic history.

Sally Nugent questioned Olympic pommel horse gold medalist Max Whitlock about his plans for the future.

“We’re here with the indisputable king of the pommel horse, right off the plane from Tokyo; you haven’t gotten much sleep, Max?” She got going.

He agreed, “Not too much yet.”

“What was the difference this time because you were defending a title rather than chasing gold, how much harder is that?” Sally continued.

“It’s 10 times harder, and I consider myself fortunate to have gone through both stages as a kid with nothing to lose, just going all out and giving it my best shot,” Max explained.

“Now that I’m attempting to keep titles, I’ve realized it’s a million times tougher for a variety of reasons.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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