Autumn Phillips was given a sentimental tiara by Princess Anne for her wedding, which she described as a “excellent choice.”


Autumn Phillips was given a sentimental tiara by Princess Anne for her wedding, which she described as a “excellent choice.”

PRINCESS ANNE sent her son Peter Phillips’ ex-wife Autumn Phillips a lovely wedding gift for her wedding in 2008.

Autumn Kelly and Peter Phillips married on May 17, 2008, in a stunning sweetheart-style wedding gown with a lace shrug that covered her shoulders. Peter Phillips, the Queen’s eldest grandchild, wedded his Canadian girlfriend at Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel.

Autumn wore a glistening tiara fit for royalty, and the dress complemented the 2000s wedding dress style flawlessly.

Autumn’s mother-in-law, Princess Anne, donated her a magnificent wedding gift so that she may look and feel like royalty on her wedding day.

Autumn looked stunning in her wedding gown by Sassi Holford, a British designer.

The gown featured a hand-beaded lace fitted sweetheart bodice, a silk Duchesse skirt, and a beaded French lace shrug.

“Doing such a gown encompasses all of the emotions a bride has on her wedding day — I was eager, then horribly scared, then full of joy,” Sassi told Hello Magazine.

Autumn completed her ensemble by securing her veil with a diamond tiara suitable for royalty.

It was even more remarkable because it had been donated to her by Princess Anne, her new mother-in-law, and was a cherished family heirloom.

Autumn borrowed Princess Anne’s Festoon Tiara, which was given to her by the World-Wide Shipping Group in 1973.

The Queen’s daughter has worn the gleaming tiara on various occasions since then, notably at a Guildhall supper in 2017 when she wore it with the matching necklace.

“There is one dramatic, classic, and opulent diamond necklace that Princess Anne clearly adores because she has been photographed wearing it, again and again, over the course of decades – the Festoon necklace,” Charlotte White, head of design at Europe’s largest online diamond jeweller 77 Diamonds, told This website.

“It’s actually part of a suite, or set, that Princess Anne got for her 18th birthday from her parents, the Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh, together with matching earrings.

“The necklace is a brilliant, antique piece with ribbons, bows, and pendant drops in a flowing arrangement.

“Princess Anne wore both the necklace and the earrings in her stunning 1973 engagement photo with Captain Mark Phillips, the father of her children.

“In 2011, Zara Tindall, Princess Anne’s daughter, wore the exact identical earrings.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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