Australia’s Rebecca and Jake Married At First Sight: Is Rebecca and Jake still a couple?


Australia’s Rebecca and Jake Married At First Sight: Is Rebecca and Jake still a couple?

Rebecca Zemek and Jake Edwards of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT AUSTRALIA had a difficult time on the reality show, but are they still together months after filming ended?

Season eight of Married At First Sight Australia has already broadcast in Australia, but British viewers can watch all of the drama unfold on Channel 4’s sister network, E4, starting Monday night. Couples are put through a variety of compatibility tests to discover if their love can last the distance, in the same style as past seasons. This year’s edition had two candidates, Rebecca and Jake, and here’s all you need to know about whether they’re still together.

It was a challenging set-up for Rebecca and Jake from the start, as they had opposing views on each other on their wedding day.

Unlike Jake, who was enamored with the woman who was walking down the aisle to meet him, Rebecca was not impressed.

The bride was irritated that her husband did not wear a tie on their wedding day, and she was alarmed that his tattoos were visible.

As the show progressed, she continued to criticize him, telling the cameras, “He’s looking at me like I’m sex on a stick.”

Though there were signals a few days after their wedding that things weren’t looking well for the couple, things weren’t looking good for the pair because they were both unwilling to leave their hometowns.

However, things between the couple didn’t end for real until the very last episode of season eight, when a bombshell was revealed.

During the time Rebecca was off from the show to care for her ailing puppy, some video footage surfaced.

She was spotted kissing a mysterious man who turned out to be one of her ex-boyfriends during her brief absence from the proceedings.

The bride initially said she was kissing her brother, but she felt compelled to confess the truth before the experiment finished.

I believe it is unethical.

Rebecca Zemek is a writer.

Rebecca explained what was going through her mind at the time: “When I returned home, I was in severe need of assistance with Oscar [the dog]and bringing him to appointments and other events.

“So I contacted an old buddy, someone with whom I had previously had chemistry,. “Brinkwire Summary News “..


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