‘Attacca’: In October, Seventeen will release a ‘triple threat’ album with three sub-units.


‘Attacca’: In October, Seventeen will release a ‘triple threat’ album with three sub-units.

Seventeen is certain that their scorching album, ‘Attacca,’ will burn up October with three variants of concept photographs and more promos to come shortly.

The thirteen-member power group Seventeen is constantly proving that they are too hot to leave unsupervised on social media after becoming the second best-selling group for the year 2020. They just released new concept photos for their upcoming album, ‘Attacca,’ and the members of the band are looking fierce as they prepare to “attack” their fans with their graphics.

Seventeen won the Hallyu Culture Award for contributions to the K-pop industry earlier in September 2021, which was a significant accomplishment for the boys. Seventeen was able to draw closer to fans with their participation on their own version of the JTBC and HYBE joint show, ‘In The Soop,’ as the members went on a therapeutic trek into the woods before announcing their grand comeback for the second half of 2021.

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With record-selling comebacks, Enhypen and Seventeen solidify HYBE Labels’ dominance.

Seventeen wins the Hallyu Culture Award in 2021 and becomes the second best-selling group.

‘Attacca’ concept photos

Now that their comeback is approaching, the group has been providing frequent updates regarding their next album. With the release of their ninth mini-album, ‘Attacca,’ on October 22, fans believe the group is one of the best-curated ensembles ever. Seventeen is made up of thirteen individuals who are organized into three sub-units: Hip-Hop, Vocal, and Performance.

Seventeen released an album teaser for ‘Attacca’ to kick off their comeback promotions. Following that, the first batch of images for this comeback were released: solo photos. All thirteen members of the group were photographed doing everyday duties such as shaving, sitting by the bed, and working in the kitchen while posing for the camera.

Seventeen is a ‘triple threat.’

Following these solitary shots, the 13 members were photographed as a group. These organizations were formed in accordance with Seventeen’s official sub-units. Seventeen’s hip hop trio, which includes members Scoups (the group’s leader), Mingyu, Vernon, and Wonwoo, looks scary in biker gang red-themed attire. The guys also had individual photographs with each of their faces magnified. Closer scrutiny revealed that the lads had been harmed. This notion, according to fans, will portray the members as fragile. The next concept was of the Seventeen Vocal Team, which included Woozi, Jeonghan, DK, Joshua, and Seungkwan, sitting on the seashore and looking soulful.

As a result, all of the members posed with some of them. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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