At the Police Memorial, a body language specialist described Prince Charles as “tanned, fit, and elegant.”


At the Police Memorial, a body language specialist described Prince Charles as “tanned, fit, and elegant.”

The Prince of Wales and the Prime Minister both attended today’s dedication ceremony for the new national UK Police Memorial.

The National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire has erected a memorial to honor the bravery and sacrifice of UK police officers. In honor of all those who gave their life to safeguarding others, Prince Charles lay a wreath at the national UK Police Memorial. He gathered with other leaders to mark the £4.5 million national police memorial. The weather did not cooperate as rain began to fall heavily in Staffordshire, but everyone had an umbrella on hand.

“Today, we will be joined by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales to dedicate the new UK Police Memorial,” the UK Police Memorial Twitter account wrote.

“His Royal Highness will unveil a plaque and lay a wreath to remember those from our police force who have committed their life to keep us secure and protect us from harm,” said Judi James, a body language specialist.

“Looking tanned, fit, and beautiful, as well as clearly in possession of an expensive umbrella and the ability to hold it in place in gale-force gusts, Charles’s body language here at the opening of the new police memorial is suitably understated but attentive,” Judi observed.

“This moving event deserved an atmosphere of quiet dignity and thought, which Charles has always embodied.

“As he chats with his hosts, he appears to be happy but not unduly excited, as if conscious that the emphasis of the day is the brave police officers and women who the memorial honors.

“In these stances, Charles appears almost impervious to the minor drama unfolding beside him, as the Prime Minister’s umbrella turns inside out in the breeze.

“Despite turning to smile at the difficulties at one point, this posture shows him back in discussion with the presenter on his right, while Boris Johnson’s issues continue.

“That sense of disconnection appears to be obvious in their other portrait here, as Boris sits facing forward with a healthy social distance between him and the heir to the throne, while Charles is turned away, engaged in conversation elsewhere.” Many others expressed their gratitude on social media. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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