At the end of the Money Saving Expert show, Martin Lewis said, “I’m shaking” and was “near tears.”


Martin Lewis left ‘near tears’ at the end of the Money Saving Expert show, saying, ‘I’m shaking.’

At the end of his Money Saving Expert show on Thursday night, MARTIN LEWIS was left “shaking” with anger and fear, as mixed emotions got the better of him.

Martin Lewis, 49, penned a solemn message to his Twitter followers on Thursday night, after being left feeling “impotent” by his inability to help consumers in desperate need of assistance due to fuel poverty.

As he “shook” with anger and fear, the ITV presenter called for help.

My whole body is trembling.

It is necessary to act.

Martin Lewis is a British author.

“I feel near tears after doing my show,” he wrote on social media after his Money Saving Expert show wrapped up.

“I began doing what I do out of a desire to help people who are experiencing financial hardship.

“It makes me feel powerless that I can’t help a single mother who lost her partner in a car accident pay her utility bills…”

“I’m shaking,” he added.

“Action is required.”

He responded to those who suggested he pay to assist the woman in question in a follow-up tweet.

He sighed before explaining, “A few ‘ur rich, pay her bloody energy bill’ replies.”

“This isn’t about one person; it’s a symbol for millions of people who will face fuel poverty.”

“Instead, I try to give answers, lobby for change, and put my money where my mouth is,” he said, referring to his pledge to donate £10 million to charity.

Many people expressed their opinions in the comments section, with one person wishing the down-in-the-dumps presenter well.

“That’s how I used to feel.”

In my case, I’m talking about education.

It inspired me to become a Member of Parliament.

The government, on the other hand, is not.

Martin thanked Layla Moran for her encouraging words, and she wrote back, “Keep fighting.”

“People are already rationing their energy, and many won’t have much heating this winter,” another fan expressed his sympathies.

The rate at which energy prices are rising is simply terrifying.”

While some were quick to point the finger at the government, others had a different point of view.

Someone else sighed, “We can’t keep blaming the government.”

“Unfortunately, there is no endless pot of money, and the government’s finances have suffered as a result.”

I sympathize with this person’s situation, as well as that of many others, but even if the government changed, the money would not.

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I’m shaking. Intervention is needed

Martin Lewis


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