At the age of 19, I became a teen mother. I had no idea I was pregnant until I wet myself in a supermarket and mistook it for a UTI.


At the age of 19, I became a teen mother. I had no idea I was pregnant until I wet myself in a supermarket and mistook it for a UTI.

A 19-year-old mother revealed how she discovered she was pregnant after wetting herself in the middle of a supermarket aisle while shopping for groceries.

She went to the doctor, convinced her accident was the consequence of either anxiousness or a UTI, only to find out she was five months pregnant.

Brenna Huckaby, a professional snowboarder from the United States, presented her experience on TikTok and said she had no idea she was pregnant, despite previously been informed she was infertile and on birth control.

“I can’t believe I’m telling this story on the internet…” she joked in a series of videos.

“When I was 19, I had just qualified for the US National Snowboarding team and moved into a new apartment with my puppy,” Brenna, who wears a prosthetic limb, explained.

“I went shopping with my puppy at Walmart, and I had to use the moto vroom carts because my prosthetic leg wouldn’t fit due to strange swelling.” I experienced the urge to pee while staring at coffee filters.” “Then I went to full bladder unload at [aisle]6,” she admitted (peed my pants). Horrified, I sat my dog on my lap to hide my mishap, then went on to finish my shopping and check out in my underwear because I wanted to play it off.” “I ran out of Walmart (as quickly as I could) and contacted my mother, terrified that something was wrong with me. Brenna added, “She urged me to call the doctor to check for a UTI.”

She claimed that she scheduled a two-day appointment with the doctor and demanded that she be checked for a UTI when they tried to prescribe her anti-anxiety medicine.

“I went to the doctor two days later and told her I was nervous and told her the story. She went to put me on anti-anxiety medication, but before she left, I begged her to examine me for a urinary tract infection,” she explained.

“They detected no UTI throughout the test, however they did find glucose in my pee.” They did a diabetic test on me, but it came up negative.

“While I was waiting for them to send me home, I instantly googled ‘protein in urine’ and discovered that pregnancy was a possibility.”

Brenna, now 25, took a test as a precaution and was confident that it would come out negative.

“I told the doctor, but I convinced her that due to multiple infertility diagnoses and the fact that I’m on birth control, there’s no way I’d be pregnant,” she stated, before adding, “The test came back… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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