At Gatwick Airport, delays and chaos result from flights being diverted due to “IT issues.”


Gatwick Airport is experiencing delays and chaos as flights are diverted due to “IT issues.”

Flight delays have occurred at GATWICK Airport due to an “IT issue.”

Several flights were forced to be rerouted.

The problems were attributed to “IT issues” with Air Traffic Control, according to the major airport.

Early this morning, landings appeared to have been halted.

Because of the problems, three flights, including easyJet and British Airways, had to be diverted from Gatwick Airport.

Several flights circling the airport around 8 a.m., according to FlightRadar and RadarBox.

Two British Airways long-haul flights were rerouted to Heathrow Airport.

One was flying in from Tampa, Florida, and the other was flying in from Antigua.

At some point today, the planes are expected to refuel at Heathrow and fly back to Gatwick.

Due to Gatwick’s problems, an easyJet flight from Belfast was also diverted to Luton.

“We have been experiencing IT issues in the Air Traffic Control tower this morning, resulting in three diverted flights,” Gatwick Airport tweeted.

“Both arrivals and departures continue to be delayed, and we are working to resolve this as soon as possible.”

“Earlier IT issues in the Air Traffic Control tower this morning have been resolved, and flights are arriving and departing the airport as normal,” it said in a later tweet.

“Some flights may still be delayed, so check with your airline for the latest information.”

“Any idea when the air traffic computer issue will be fixed? Planes are still at gates,” Paul Hancock tweeted.

From onboard their Heathrow flight, Lottie Wood tweeted a photo of the airport tarmac.

“My view from our tarmac section at Heathrow, funny how I saw the plane being refueled before you told us we’d have to fly back to Gatwick,” they said.

“It was almost an hour ago!”

Due to an unforeseen issue, passengers arriving at Heathrow Airport experienced delays last week.

Following reports of a fox wandering the runway, several planes were forced to circle above the airport.

When birds collide with a flying aircraft, it’s known as a bird strike.

It is almost always fatal to the bird, and it can also harm a plane’s engines, which can be extremely dangerous.

Tourists flying to Malaga, a popular tourist destination in Spain, have also experienced delays of up to two hours this week.

Due to heavy fog around the airport, planes were unable to take off in the morning, causing delays.

The fog was so bad for some passengers that they couldn’t see.

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