At 424 years old, Britain’s oldest bakery reinvents itself – pay a visit to the Devon establishment.


At 424 years old, Britain’s oldest bakery reinvents itself – pay a visit to the Devon establishment.

After being hit by the Covid-19 outbreak, Britain’s oldest bakery has managed to avoid closing for good.

Since 1597, the Jacka Bakery in Plymouth, Devon, has been servicing customers and is widely recognized as one of the top bakeries in the industry. When the UK’s longest functioning commercial bakery faced lockup last year, it faced uncertainty after more than 400 years and 20 ruling monarchs.

Because they couldn’t serve clients breakfast and brunch in their in-built café, the Grade-II list building, like many others, decided to adapt to the unprecedented times.

The bakery was changed into a delicatessen selling jams, chutneys, cheeses, and charcuterie after meeting the Covid-19 requirements and regulations.

The coronavirus had changed the firm permanently, Jacka Bakery stated on their Facebook page earlier this year, adding, “We felt it’s only appropriate that we give ourselves an upgrade with our refurbishment and new delicatessen.”

Jacka now aspires to become the best at exhibiting the best small and independent businesses across the South West, with a new target market.

Faith Strickland, a 2Chill user, gave the “lovely small shop” on Southside Street, which is housed in a grade II listed building, five stars. “The family-run shop, which bakes a choice of classic breads, pastries, and cakes daily, was chosen one of the best in the country,” she said.

It also features a small deli department, which “sells the likes of soups, milk, and bacon – all excellent for a hearty lunch treat,” according to her.

But don’t worry if you don’t have a chance to try some of their freshly baked delicacies; Jacka’s products are used in a number of local restaurants and cafés.

Visitors may have a delectable treat on a day out by walking only six minutes to the UK’s largest aquarium, Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium.

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If you’re interested in going back in time, The Box, a museum, art gallery, and archive in Plymouth, is a good location to go.

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