At 3 a.m., Dolly Parton begins her day. For a clever cause


Dolly Parton has earned more than fifty Grammy awards and millions of fans in her 74 years. She wrote seven novels, appeared in numerous films, and even helped finance the coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19). Parton tends to wear as many hats as she wears wigs, with titles such as actress, author, philanthropist, singer and world record holder. As it turns out, her trick is to get a head start in the morning.

The creation of an icon

“This is really a gift from the girl who was voted “least likely to excel” in high school! Dolly Parton (@DollyParton) April 10, 2017 Parton’s career and love of music began early, much like her working days. She was born in a one-room cabin in rural Tennessee, one of twelve children.

She and her siblings stayed in bed for three or four nights, according to The List. Her father was illiterate, and the extreme poverty of the family restricted the opportunities and possibilities that the children had access to.

But Parton didn’t let her hopes be deterred by that. She doesn’t really see her childhood as a barrier that she had to conquer. Her close relationship with her family helped her to drive her career forward.

Her guitar-playing mother helped her introduce her to music, according to her biography, while the lack of literacy skills inspired her father to create her charity, the Imagination Library.

You would think Parton would deserve a break after more than five decades of success on the singing scene.

But even though she has won a peaceful retirement, the woman of the Revival shows no sign of slowing down.

Why Dolly Parton begins her day at 3:00 a.m.

The beauty secret of Dolly Parton is a big no-no-no skincare.

Dolly Parton is allowed to work ‘9 to 5,’ but she just sleeps until 3 a.m.! The singer opened up about her morning routine recently.

The star even gets up before the sun, as it turns out.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Parton operates with more waking hours than most with new books, movies and albums constantly being made, promoted and published. “I get more work done between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. than most people do all day because it’s quiet and the energy is low, except for me.”Between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. I get more work done than most people do all day because it’s quiet and the energy, except for me, is low.

In addition to work, Parton also said these hours are perfect for spiritual stuff and meditations to be performed. She makes praying every morning a priority and shared, “That’s the first thing I do when I get up, I just thank the Lord for another day.”

This spirituality is consistent with the recent return of the artist, along with her fierce philanthropic work, to Christian music.

But her little conversations with the big man are just the beginning of Dolly’s action-packed day.

A day in Dolly’s life

Her early rise is just one of the curious habits over the years that Parton has picked up. Odd morning rituals can perhaps be traced back to her youth, when in areas such as grooming and makeup, she always had to be inventive.

While she does not use burnt matches as eyeliner anymore, Parton still makes her own every morning.

Even with very little sleep, Parton makes sure to dress shortly after waking up in her signature look.

Fans were surprised to hear that there was no time for the star to put on her famous high heels.

Although the footwear looks like an unusual breakfast attire compared to conventional slippers, when it needs to reach ingredients stored on a high shelf, Parton noted that they always come in handy.

After all, according to Celebrity Inside, Parton’s great personality is packed into a height of just five feet.

Parton rocks her look, whether she’s on stage or on the burner, and embraces the real her.


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