Ashanti has recovered from COVID-19 and is ready to fight with Keyshia Cole for her ‘Verzuz.’


Artists and producers in the music industry were searching for new ways to communicate with their fans digitally at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as in-person activities were cancelled for the near future.

In a friendly battle to see who had most hits in their career, the iconic music competition series Verzuz was born and has since pitted veteran artists against each other. In December 2020, R&B singers Ashanti and Keyshia Cole were scheduled for a highly anticipated battle.

In December 2020, Ashanti and Keyshia Cole are scheduled to compete against each other on the’ Verzuz’ stage.

Ashanti and Keyshia Cole were set to go head-to-head and hit-for-hit in one of Verzuz’s most highly awaited R&B matches just a week before Christmas 2020.

But Ashanti confirmed she had tested positive for COVID-19 just hours before they were to take the stage.

“Hey y’all, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I tested positive for COVID-19,”Hey y ‘all, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I tested positive for COVID-19. She added that she had a mild coronavirus case and felt “OK and not in any pain.”

In an Instagram Live message the same night, Ashanti explained how she contracted the virus. “I actually got it from a family member when I got home [from a trip through Africa],” she said frankly. “I came home and hugged a family member who ended up being positive. I didn’t know he was positive; he didn’t know he was positive, so when he went to test, I was like, ‘Oh, f*ck.'”

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The ‘Verzuz’ battle of Ashanti and Keyshia Cole had to be postponed

Ashanti was determined to let the Verzuz Fight take place under the circumstances immediately following the announcement. She also suggested doing the fight to defend Cole and the entire crew behind the scenes, remotely from her home.

She said specifically, “I’m even willing to do the Verzuz Battle from my house,” “We’re trying to work everything out!!!”

In an Instagram message, Verzuz reported that the fight was postponed until the new year. “Ashanti tested positive for COVID-19 beforehand and we can’t put anyone at risk with it,” the post reads. “This is the first time this has hit us so close to showtime.”

The post urged fans, “Wear a mask, stay inside and take COVID-19 seriously,” “It truly affects our community.”

The new date has been set for Saturday, January 9, 2021 for the event.

For COVID-19, Ashanti tested negative

Just a week before her delayed Verzuz fight with Cole, Ashanti kicked off 2021 with a health announcement. “Starting the new year awesome and COVID free!!!,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Two days ago, I got my bad results back! Happy new year y ‘all! Let’s go 202WON.


Ashanti added that she and her parents are both grateful to be safe and to recover from the coronavirus and to start on the right foot in the new year. She said frankly, “I feel grateful,” “My parents and I got our negative results back just in time to start the new year healthy, happy and loved.”

She went on to say to her fans that in the new year she wishes only the best for them, explaining that it’s going to be a winning year: “I wish you all an incredible 202WON.”


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