A’sedated’ rescue dog awakens and viciously attacks a couple, resembling a scene from a zombie film.


A’sedated’ rescue dog awakens and viciously attacks a couple, resembling a scene from a zombie film.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Sharon and Michael Archibald were injured when their golden retriever, Moose, suddenly turned – they claim he was sedated by the rescue shelter where they got him.

After the “sedated” golden retriever crossbreed they bought from a rescue center awoke and viciously attacked them, a couple was left covered in bite marks.

Moose, a golden retriever-collie-labrador crossbreed, was adopted by Sharon and Michael Archibald of Elgin, Scotland, from a’rescue shelter’ they discovered on Facebook.

Despite their concerns, he was dumped in a parking lot without any home checks just days later.

They claim the dog was “drowsy and sleepy” from the moment they met him, and they believe he was “sedated” in an attempt to get rid of him.

When they returned home and Moose awoke, Sharon, 57, was left with deep wounds on her arm and a bruised breast after Moose latched onto her, as if it were a scene from a ‘zombie film.’

Michael, her 63-year-old husband, was able to restrain the dog, which was later killed.

“That night’s dog was not the dog we rescued; it seemed demonic,” Sharon explained.

He acted as if he were a weapon with the intent of wreaking havoc.

“It was like that when you see zombie movies where people just change.”

“When my husband tried to pull him away from me, he turned on him, knocking him to the ground, pinning him down, and biting his arm.”

On October 28, Sharon posted on Facebook that she wanted to adopt a dog and was added to a group for a dog rescue shelter where she fell in love with photos of Moose.

“Moose reminded me of a dog I used to have as a kid,” she explained.

She expressed interest and received a DM from an organiser in her area, who described Moose as a “lovely boy” and said adopting him would cost £340.

“I inquired about his temperament, whether he was good with children, his health, and whether he was up to date on his vaccinations,” she claimed.

“I waited for a response and was told she was working on getting him to me as soon as possible.”

“She appeared to be in a hurry to get paid.”

She was told she could have him the next day if she negotiated the price down to £250.

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