Asda introduces a program to make it easier for customers to stock up on essentials – see the complete list.


Asda introduces a program to make it easier for customers to stock up on essentials – see the complete list.

ASDA has announced that its bulk buy product selection would be expanded, making it easier for shoppers to “stock up” on items.

Asda will follow Tesco’s lead in spreading its bulk-buying idea to more locations. The move comes following a successful trial of the effort with clients.

Following a successful pilot last year, Asda will expand its Deal Depot idea to ten more stores.

The retailer tested the bulk buy program at its Patchway location in Bristol before launching a smaller version in Cardiff.

Asda realized that customers wanted to buy larger packs of important products for cheaper, therefore the concept was born.

Up to 30 bays – or sets of shelves – in existing Asda stores throughout the country will be converted into bulk buy zones as part of the expansion.

Tesco already has more than 200 bulk buy zones in its stores, so Asda is following in their footsteps.

Tesco has started to expand these spaces in recent months, taking up more space in its stores for bulk buy products.

York, Bootle, Milton Keynes, Toryglen, and Dumbarton will all get a dedicated bulk buy aisle, according to Asda.

Ariel washing pods, Walkers crackers, and Nicky Elite toilet paper will be available for purchase.

In Asda’s York shop, 10 bays will be dedicated to bulk buy items, while 32 bays in the Dumbarton store will be dedicated to larger packed items.

Customers in the former store will be able to shop the concept starting this week, while the latter business’s endeavor will not be available until later this year.

In five additional stores throughout the country, Asda will test a reduced assortment of bulk buy items.

Thurmaston, Stowmarket, Rugby, Leyton, and Bedminster are the locations of these branches.

Crisps, household supplies, pet food, and laundry products will all be available in larger packs in one to four bays per shop.

Customers will ultimately be able to browse for bulk buy products online, according to Asda.

Asda’s Senior Director of Wholesale and Convenience, Debra Lees, spoke out over the move.

“Following a successful trial at Asda Cardiff, we’re expanding the bulk buy concept to provide a choice of bestselling and popular products across ten additional stores,” she said.

“Selected bulk lines such as Nicky Elite toilet paper, Fairy Platinum dishwasher tabs, and large boxes of.”Brinkwire Summary News” will be delivered to these locations.


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