As ‘unmasked’ guests swarm Gardeners World Live, Monty Don reacts to fan rage.


As ‘unmasked’ guests swarm Gardeners World Live, Monty Don reacts to fan rage.

MONTY DON replied to a social media user who attacked unidentified Gardeners’ World Live attendees.

At the weekend, Monty Don was a guest on BBC’s Gardeners’ World Live. The yearly one-of-a-kind outdoor event allows fans looking for inspiration to obtain first-hand assistance from the gardening guru.

In front of his 238,000 followers, the 66-year-old came to Twitter to offer some news.

After a dissatisfied social media user revealed they were “disappointed” after witnessing the live event, the Gardeners’ World favorite replied quickly.

“I am at GW Live today giving speeches in the flower marquee at 11.00, 2.00, and 5.00,” Monty tweeted. Come along if you’re also there.”

The person in question stated that the visitors who did not wear masks did not impress them.

“We come to see you,” they wrote. The mass of unmasked observers made it impossible to approach close…

“Perhaps a higher stage would have aided anyone under the height of 5ft 6? To be honest, it’s disappointing.”

Monty reacted to the tweet by claiming that there appeared to be a “laissez faire” attitude regarding wearing masks at the Birmingham NEC’s Gardeners’ Live.

“Oh, no. The stage was raised a few feet, but not quite enough. Yes, there appeared to be a lax masking policy,” Monty confirmed.

In England, face coverings are no longer necessary, however other parts of the UK have differing regulations.

Customers can be subject to their own rules created by businesses.

Face masks are no longer required at outdoor events, but they were once employed to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Users on social media expressed their enthusiasm for the live event, with one saying, “We’re just heading home now, had a lovely day and loved hearing all about Longmeadow.”

“A terrific day today at #GardenersWorldLive,” said another. I really enjoyed your Long Meadow talk.”

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In another scene, the horticulturist attempted to soothe a devotee who had appealed for his assistance.

“@TheMontyDon I’m in problems with my wife to be as we get married in our garden next month and now our little wild meadow strip looks.”Brinkwire Summary News,” the follower wrote to Monty, sharing a photo of their garden.


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