As the two discuss their differences, Janette Manrara says she wishes she had been gentler to Aljaz.


As the two discuss their differences, Janette Manrara says she wishes she had been gentler to Aljaz.

As the couple frankly addressed their marriage, JANETTE MANRARA revealed there were times when she wished she had been “kinder” to her husband Aljaz Skorjanec.

As the pair raved about their forthcoming 10-year anniversary, Janette Manrara and Aljaz Skorjanec noted concessions and kindness are good attributes to have in a marriage. The dancing duo assured their podcast listeners that they are still best friends after all these years, and they talked about the nice things they do for one another.

Janette, 37, explained, “Kindness offers grace, it shows understanding, it shows support, it provides comfort, all those adjectives kind of go under the tent of the word kindness.”

The dancer continued, reflecting on their relationship, that there were times during their marriage when she wished she had been gentler.

She enquired, laughing, if her spouse agreed, to which he assured her that he did not.

He joked, “Thank you for going first.”

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“I was hoping you’d join me on that one,” Janette answered.

The Miami-born dancer went on to explain that kindness “wasn’t just a lovely hashtag” on social media, but that it needed to be put into practice.

“One of the major things I think in our marriage is that we really strive to be kind to each other,” she continued.

“Kindness is also about friendship, and as husband and wife, you and I feel like we have a friendship,” she said, and Aljaz agreed.

Aljaz informed listeners that he never let his wife carry big baggage and that he also helped her pack for vacations, which he was proud of.

“That is a mark of respect. The dancer described his acts as “being chivalrous” and “being kind.”

In the most recent episode of their Twist and Shout podcast, the two discussed an issue on which they disagree.

Janette stated that she believes in free speech as long as it is not hateful.

Her husband agreed, but added that the motivation “shouldn’t exist on the internet” because people are less inclined to apologize for harming others.

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“That is a big statement,” his wife said, clearly taken aback.

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