As the team fails to identify an answer, Paddy McGuinness is forced to call on the Question of Sport crowd.


As the team fails to identify an answer, Paddy McGuinness is forced to call on the Question of Sport crowd.

When team captain Ugo Monye and his teammates failed to answer a question on Friday’s A Question of Sport, PADDY MCGUINNESS couldn’t believe what he was hearing, prompting the BBC presenter to turn to the live studio audience for assistance.

On Friday evening, A Question of Sport host Paddy McGuinness welcomed Ugo Monye and Sam Quek back for another round of sporting trivia.

Former footballer Clinton Morrison and wheelchair tennis champion Andy Lapthorne were part of Ugo’s team for the episode, while Sam was paired with rugby player Chris Robshaw and cricketer Carlos Brathwaite.

There was one question, however, that caught BBC presenter Paddy off guard to the point where he had to ask the live studio audience for their thoughts.

“This next game is a bit of a family affair, and Sam, your team is going first,” Paddy said as the round began.

Paddy then proceeded to show Sam and Ugo’s teams a variety of celebrity photos.

Of course, the goal of the game was for players to identify a famous sporting relative and answer a question about them.

Ugo’s team was stumped when famous rock singer Bruce Springsteen appeared on-screen after both teams had racked up the points in the round.

“Finally, Ugo’s team, take a look.

“Do you recognize the face?” Paddy inquired.

As the studio fell silent, it became clear that Ugo, Clinton, and Andy had no idea what was going on.

Ugo joked, “Does he do the Antiques Road Show?” Paddy sarcastically retorted, “Yeah, it’s Fiona Bruce.”

The studio audience erupted in laughter, but Paddy’s expression quickly changed to one of disbelief.

“Can you believe it?” a stunned Paddy asked the audience before deciding to include everyone in the act.

“Someone help me out, tell them who it is,” the Top Gear host said as the crowd chanted, “Bruce Springsteen!”

“That is The Boss,” Paddy continued, “but I wanted to know in what sport did his daughter win a silver medal for the USA at the Tokyo Olympics?”

Clinton, Andy, and Ugo all answered “rock climbing” before Paddy corrected them and told them it was equestrian.

As the game enters its final round, the.

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